James Harden talks about his one legged jumper

James Harden talks about his one legged jumper
James Harden as we all know and hear about frequently is the best scorer in the NBA during this time. And while everyone secretly wants him by their side, those who do not have him (speaking of the defenders) with them see him as their worse nightmare. The interesting fact about this person is that he is always found looking for unique ways through which he can acquire a foul so that he can travel. Recently, he is seen taking his traveling aversions to a completely new tangent because what he has come up with this time is diametrically interesting and different. James Harden has developed a new kind of a jumper which is only one-legged. This new shot of his has left his fans in a very intrigued where they are curious about the science behind this invention. 
Howbeit, in a recent interview with GQ, he spoke about how crucial it is for him to be creative and how hard he tries to come up with something unique all the time. 

“I’m a creator. When it’s all said and done, I want to be one of those guys where people say, ‘James made a whole new path, a whole new wave of being creative with the game of basketball.’ It isn’t just pump fake, one dribble, shoot. There are different dynamics to basketball, and we have to expand the game. Every day, I’m trying to find ways to improve my game, improve the entire game of basketball. And you’ve got kids watching me trying to be creative as well. Everything that I do is about keeping defenders off-balance and on their toes. If you have that every possession, you’re basically unguardable.”  he said not just to justify his actions but also to give an idea on why he came up with a one-legged jumper. 
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