Jeff Hardy behind the bars for DWI

Jeff Hardy behind the bars for DWI
As per TMZ, the WWE star and expert wrestler got arrested on Thursday, October third at 10:30 p.m. in none other than Moore County in North Carolina. As per law implementation, he was captured for driving while being debilitated and for driving with a repudiated permit. The outlet report states that his BAC level was around 25 which is three times more than the standard limit.

Before this,it was back in the month of July when Hardy got captured for a comparative charge for open inebriation at a hotel - South Carolina. In March of a year ago, the agitated wrestling star was caught in North Carolina for driving impaired with again a 25 BAC level.

Ever since this news story has shown up, Matt Hardy, brother of the above mentioned used social media platform (Twitter) to throw light on his perspective pertaining to the equivalent situation.  

"Since so many have asked me about my brother tonight-I love my brother & want him to be happy & healthy, I’ve expressed that to him as much as I can," he penned in a tweet. "Jeff has to make his decisions about his life. I have to focus on my 2 boys & soon to arrive son. I can only control MY actions." Was tweeted through his official handle.

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