Predictions on NBA finals begin panning out!

Nick Young Isn't Ready To (Officially) Retire
The 2019-20 NBA season formally pans out on Tuesday night and on the off chance that you haven't yet gone on the record with your NBA Finals expectation now is the ideal opportunity to predict and read other's predictions. 

In front of the period opener, previous NBA champion Nick Young plunked down for a meeting with Complex's Adam Caparell, amid which he made his choice for the 2020 NBA champion and clarified why according to him the Denver Nuggets won't be in the same level as everybody might suspect. In fact, he stated that Denver is afraid of Lebron.
Below mentioned is a part of the conversation that took place between the two:

"Caparell: If you have one crazy NBA prediction for the season what would that be?

Young: I will say either New Orleans making the eighth seed or Denver not making the playoffs. I don’t think the Warriors going to make it this year. If they do, it’s the eighth seed.

Caparell: Denver was the No. 2 seed last year in the West. To have them go from the No. 2 seed and to not making the playoffs this season that’s a hot take.

Young: That could be. They’re scared of the Lakers, they’re scared of LeBron. Every time Denver played LeBron, and they get killed. They’re going to be scared of the Clippers.

Caparell: Who is your champion?

Young: Lakers."

"Caught up with friend of @ComplexSports @NickSwagyPYoung to talk NBA 🔥 takes, his new podcast & when he'll know it's time to call it a career. "  Adam Caparell uploaded as tweet. 

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