Haskins missed his last play while taking a selfie with fans

Haskins missed his last play while taking a selfie with fans
This season has been a crusade to overlook for the Washington Redskins and not to mention but their quarterback circumstance has been a tremendous piece of that. Case Keenum hasn't faired well overall while Dwayne Haskins has made them develop torments while being pushed into the beginning employment. Having said that, it should not be an unexpected shock that their record has left a great deal to be wanted.

On Sunday, the Redskins at long last won a game, this time against none other than the Detroit Lions. Haskins was so amped up for winning that close to the end, he was seen taking selfies with fans. The issue with this was the game wasn't finished at this point. Actually, Haskins missed the last play of the game as he was taking photographs with the fans close to the field. Keenum wound up stooping out the clock.

Here are certain tweets that were given out immediately pertaining to the same: ;
1- How do miss the last snap of a game because ur taking selfies. That’s unprofessional & wrong.
2- Case Keenum went out onto the field to take a knee. TV showed Dwayne Haskins over near the fans taking selfies behind the bench as Keenum sprinted out to kneel down.
3- lmfao Dwayne Haskins missing the final snap of the game to take a selfie with a fan is some Blue Mountain State shit.
Social media got filled with memes on the same immediately after fans realised what he was doing by ignoring the game.
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