Carrie David

 Carrie Vivian David

Age: 25

Home: New York

Accomplishments: My accomplishments career wise is that I finally received my Bachelors at Fashion Institute of Technology. I am planning to open my own wardrobe consulting business shortly. My personal accomplishments is that I finally have my modeling career moving .My site is up and running, it will be 100% complete by the end of the summer. 





Interests: Fashion trends, jogging, reading poetry, indulging in a good novel in the comfort of my own home or in the park, cooking, traveling, roller blade, dancing, going out with the girls on the night on the town. 







Accomplishing my goals, and I love every minute of the challenge. 






Ideal Mate: Mentally, spiritually, physically strong. Believes in success, knows how to respect me and himself. He takes good care of his health and is athletic, He is tall (about 6ft), good looking, and he is generous like me. VERY LOYAL! 




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