Juicy Janelle




 Story and Interview by Roger Hooks




Janelle, is a light chocolate mix of African-American and Puerto Rican blood lines. A native of the San Francisco Bay Area. Janelle has always had aspirations of being a model. 



The Flow caught up with Janelle to deliver her first photoshoot. With luscious lips and a smooth curvy physique to match Janelle is sure to turn heads in a pair jeans and knock your socks of in a bikini. But don't get it twisted Janelle might be a top notch around your way but she has a sweet spirit that can talk the cars keys out of the hand of the hood's most thuggish playas. We sat down with Janelle for a quick second in between sets. This is what she had to say.



TFM: What's up, Janelle?


Janelle: Hey, what's up?


TFM: So this is your very first photoshoot right? So am I previleged to say I am the first to pop your cherry?... In that regard at least?


Janelle: What? [Laughing]  I didn't think of that but yeah... [Laughing] I guess you are?


TFM: [Laughing] So how was your first time?...The photoshoot that is? [Laughing]


Janelle: It's been a climactic experience! [Laughing] No, but really. I am really excited. You guys have been really nice and the environment has been layed back and easy going. 


TFM: What has been your favorite part so far?


Janelle: I have really liked going through all the clothes. Having a wardrobe with so many styles and choices is new to me. Most things I would not normally wear to so the photoshoot gives me a chance to be daring and wear things I wouldn't normally wear. It's kind of like playing make believe for a day. It's like being a kid all over again.


TFM: What has been your favorite outfit.


Janelle: I like the silk feather robe. It feels so nice against my skin. It makes me feel sexy alll over. 


TFM: Your looking pretty sexy too.


Janelle: [Laughing] Thanks.


TFM: How do you feel about shooting for The Flow?


Janelle: I really don't know really. It's all new to me. I am just thankful to have this chance to give it a shot. 


TFM: You don't have any idea of what you would like to do as a model?


Janelle: I guess I would like to do more modeling. I like fashion shows too. What I would really like to do, now that you got me really thinking about it, is be a BET or MTV host. I really like entertainment and having a job where I can talk about and be around the music industry as a host would be really cool. 


TFM: That's cool. I can see you doing it too.


TFM: So the fellas are checking out your pics and they are going to wonder how you would size them up. What is the perfect man for you.


Janelle: Well I like them tall and muscular. I like a man with confidence but not arrogance. Has goals and ambitions with a plan on getting their. He has to to be respectful of me at all times and considerate but with a bit of rough side to him. 


TFM: What would be a perfect date for you?


Janelle: I am really simple actually. I know a lot of girls might name off some extravagant dinner at an expensive spot. I would like that too. Don't get me wrong but I am more about what a guy can make of any date. If you can make a fun date out of bad situation that would do as much for me as a good date in a good situation. I had a date with a guy once and we were supposed to go to an R. Kelly concert. He had the tickets in his pocket and got mugged on our way to the concert. Rather than wait for the police to make a report he insisted that we make it to the concert and see if we can buy the tickets at the box office. We got there but the line was so long we spent half the night in line only for them to finally sell out. But despite getting mugged, standing in line, and never actually getting into the concert he made the most of it and we had such a good time. We laughed and talked about people all around us. It was straight entertainment the whole night. That is one of my fondest night ever.


TFM: Wow! He got muggged? I don't think I have ever heard a story like that?


Janelle: I know! Crazy Huh? I was soo scared I didn't even want to move but he was the one to calm me down even though he was the one that took a beating.


TFM: He didn't want to call the police or nothing?


Janelle: No he said if he did that it would ruin the whole evening and that would be like letting those guys win. He said he wasn't going to let them beat him. He was real competitive that way.


TFM: Wow!


Janelle: Yeah! I thought it was so sweet and brave of him. It was really unselfish of him.


TFM: Well I see the photographer has the next scene all set and ready to go. I am sure he will be calling on you in a minute so you better get a move on.


Janelle: Okay. Thank you.


TFM: Your looking good girl.


Janelle: Thank you. And thank you again for the opportunity. It's like a dream come true. 




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