Kelly McCabe

Kelly McCabe

Story and Interview by Roger Hooks

The Flow
had the pleasure of not only meeting Kelly McCabe but having her star in one of our fantastic Flow Online fashion shows.

Kelly was  a delight to work with and has one of the most versatile looks that we have ever seen. Coined"Barbie-Doll-Runway" .Kelly never cease to amaze us with her style and presence. 

At just age 21 Kelly hit the scene running. Her petite 5 foot 2 inch frame was put together well in all the right places making her sought after model from all the local designer. She was raised in Queens, New York and grew up in Washington and made her way out to California to make her dreams happen.

Kelly is busy girl so it was tough to catch up with her but when we finally did this is what she had to say.


TFM: So, what's up Kelly?


Kelly: Hey, what's up?


TFM: So we'd like to introduce you to our Flow audience a little bit here.


Kelly: Okay. What do they want to know?


TFM: Well first tell us about your experience as a runway model for The Flow Online.


Kelly: Well it has been an amazing experience. I have never did runway modeling and I really like it. You guys have been great. Sometimes it can be a little nerve racking with the attention to detail being paid to the runway walk and the presence you guys demand that we possess but it has definitely been a learning experience. I never thought there was so much work put into walking the runway. I've met a lot of cool girls here that I think will be long time friends. it's fun. Definitely worth it.

Did you have any aspirations of modeling before this?


Kelly: Not Really? I mean I had did some things back in school but not really modeling.



TFM: What type of things did you do?


Kelly: Well actually I won the state championship back in Washington as a gymnast and I was a runner-up in Make-It Big Talent Search and I was part of the team that won first place in the Sister City Young Artist Awards Shape of Color Step Team

What? you got down with the step team too? Ima have to challenge you on that one.  I got some steps in my pocket too. 


Kelly: [Laughs] Bring It! [Laughs Again]


TFM: It seems you are good at so many things is there anything that you found challenging in your life?


Kelly: While growing up I moved around a lot so keeping myself grounded is my biggest challenge.


TFM: So... Besides Modeling, what other interest do you have?


Kelly: I actually like drawing, painting and sculpting. I like beauty cosmetics, fashion, make-up artistry, and fitness is a big part of my life.


TFM: Oh Really? What do you do for exercise.


Kelly: I love watersports. I like wake boarding, dance modern and hip hop.


TFM: What do you for a living while you modeling career gets off the ground.


Kelly: I am a make-up artist.


TFM: Well that makes sense as your make-up seems to be the tightest of the bunch.


Kelly: Thank you. I put a lot of time and effort into it.


TFM: Well it shows. It definitely shows... Last but not least the fellas peeping your pics are always going to want to know if they fit your size, meaning what kind of man do you like.


Kelly: Well I like a man that's well educated passionate, humanitarian, someone who can express themselves, who's strong, independent and family oriented.


TFM: Those are definitely good qualities to find in anyone, man or woman. 



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