Katiuska Roumenov

Katiuska Roumenov

Story and Interview by Roger Hooks

Recently, I was conducting auditions for our "Flow TV" series.  Just before auditions started, a friend called me and said that he "had the perfect girl for me to check out". 

Despite HIS enthusiasm...I was far less enthused. 

I anticipated a "mediocre honey" that that GOT JACKED by my boy's promises of fame and fortune at my expense.  Nevertheless, I went ahead and agreed to meet with her.

To my surprise, in walked a cute but thick, Latin honey with a Dominican accent to boot. 

But that wasn't the end of my surprise, as she walked in a gave her the once-over, (as all brothas do) and laid my eyes on one of the nicest "back-sides" I've seen in a cool minute. 


 We're "ALL ABOUT THE BOOTIE" here at "The Flow".



That alone made up my mind to at least consider the prospect. But as you can see, she made it in. I guess you can say she "backed" her way into it. 

Check out, Katiuska Roumenov. I'm sure you will agree that she's nothing  less than,"Bootie-full"



TFM: When you first walked into my office I was like "Damn!!!" Baby Got Back! Do you get compliments on all that bootie you got back there?



-- [LAUGHS] Really? Well yes, I do get a lot of compliments about my bootie, but most of the compliments I get are regarding my personality.



TFM: Are you one of those stuck up girls that a guy can't even get a smile from?




Katiuska --Oh no, I believe you can do more with a smile than with a stuck up attitude. A smile is a universal welcome. If people feel welcome then everyone has a good time.  Also, if you keep smiling it makes people wonder what you‚ve been up to. And I love to keep people guessing_


TFM: I love your accent it's so cute. Where are you from?

Katiuska --
I'm from the Dominican Republic, Santo Domingo to be exact.


TFM: In getting to you know you; you seem to have good morals. What kind of up bringing did you have?


Katiuska -- Most of my moral values I got from my Christian family. The rest I got from great people I‚ve met or learned about. But also I show appreciation to the not so courteous people; they defined what I don't want to be.


TFM: Were you a naughty or nice girl, back home?



Katiuska --You can say I was a little wicked. I used to go to a lot of parties and dance, dance, dance. Dancing and swimming were the two things I did the most back home. I love pool parties!! Oh, that is so much fun!!!  I also enjoy playing jokes on people, especially on guys.

What is keeping you busy these days?

Katiuska--I have lots of things going on in my life now, but the things taking most of my time are University and modeling. Everything else is under control!



Do you hit the club scene much?


Katiuska-- Not anymore. Back home clubs are open until 5 am. Some clubs don't even close. People back home get to the club around 11 pm, and then they dance until 3 AM at least. As you know, San Jose (CA) is totally different. Here, you got to the club early and leave early. To me, there is no point on going to a club for just an hour.



TFM: I see you have a ring on your finger. Are you married?

Yes I am married.


TFM: How does he feel about your modeling?


Katiuska--He is very supportive_at times.



TFM: So...If you were not married what kind of game would get your attention...I mean...How would a guy get you in bed?




Katiuska -- There is not a setup strategy to get me or any woman in bed. But I can tell you uniqueness and confidences are the sexiest things. So if a man approaches me I like to see he is not intimidated. Another thing is that have a weakness for beautiful lips. A man with excellent lips can melt any woman_especially me.


TFM: So what's next for your modeling career?




Katiuska-- I'm looking forward to represent, "The Flow TV" at the Fashion Rock event in Orlando. I have some other projects but my immediate goal is to win at Fashion Rock. Then, I will take it from there.



TFM: Last but not least...If you could tell me a naughty little secret what would that be?




Katiuska -- If I tell you it won't be a secret no more!!!! [LAUGHS] I'll tell you later, in private.


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