Karol Melanio



Story and Interview by Matthew Shack

TFM: When I first saw your photos you had such a nice look. I had to have you in the show. You have such a sexy look about you, especially they way you move your eyes and flip your hair around.  Do you attract a lot of guys that way?

Karol: Oh yes! Most men adore long hair and bedroom eyes but honestly, its nothing I do conciously to make men look . For me, sensuality comes naturally. It isn't a complicated thing, its something that I just let happen.

TFM: There will be thousands of guys reading this article and adoring your pictures. All of them wondering, "what it would be like to go out with a girl like you". What can a guy expect from a date with Karol Melanio?
Karol: A man that goes on a date with me can expect the unexpected. If we have chemistry??.....Oh Boy!!!! .  I don't believe in playing games like so many other women do. If Im attracted to you physically and intellectually, you will have a night you won't forget.

TFM: You have somewhat of a Latin look. Are you from South America?
Karol: Yeah, I was born in the heart of Central America...Costa Rica. A gorgeous country with tropical weather , beautiful beaches that are perfect for  suntanning and surfing, But most of all, very friendly people.

TFM: What is life like there?
Karol: Oh, my gosh ..its really great!! You can make lots of money, if thats the plan. There will be so many ways to spend it in nice places and nice activities: restaurants, concerts, traveling whatever comes to your mind. A very modern, full of technology, a place with great natural life. Like we say there, Pura Vida!!!! 

TFM: Do they have hot clubs there? 
If so, what would recommend for the guys and gals out there reading this article?
Karol: Our clubs are so hot!! The action is crazy during the week and weekends are 'off the hook'! Definitely a place to be a Sexy Mamacita...[Laughs] The clubs are always filled with great ambiance, beautiful people, delicious cocktails and very modern music. Hip Hop, Reggaeton....We have it all.
TFM:  How would you describe yourself at the club, a wall flower, a classic rose, a wild orchid, or a man eating fly trap?
Karol: Definitely the girl that loves action. I need stimulation!! I love to 'cut loose' on the dance floor.  I'm a strong believer that if a man moves well on the dance floor , he will also move well in ohter places. [Wink-Wink]
TFM: Did you do any modeling there?
Karol: Yes I did..I started modeling about 10 years ago..then I got a call to a Beauty Contest placed 2nd among 250 girls. Also, I won a contract to be the body of Diet Coca-Cola. Suddenly after this, my life started changing and I was soon booking with some very prestigious modeling agencies...Soon I stared representing premier companies like Mercedes Benz, Johnnie Walker, Moet & Chandon, United Airlines , Kawasaki and many more, I started  doing work in Fashion, Glamour, Print , Runway and TV Commercials. I also did some television and advertising for the Brazilian market. 

 So what to plan to do in the future for yourself.
Karol: My future remains bright. [Smiles]
In a very success oriented way, I project myself as a successful business woman enjoying my beautiful life, being so productive..traveling around the world and sharing my love with the people that I appreciate.
TFM: What kind of man do you like? What really turns you on?
Karol: I really love the "Man's -Man". You know, the very masculine type that loves  the outdoors, sports and is very succesful. He must be confident but not arrogant. Charming but not a player.

  If had just one thing to get me...err..to get him to fall in love with you what would that be?

Karol: Treat me like a Princess and I will love him forever.



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