Vida Guerra




Story byMatthew Shack
Interview by
Roger Hooks and Katiuska Roumenov


Vida Guerra, is the HOTTEST model in the game. She has graced the covers of King Magazine, DUB Magazine and was voted #26 in FHM's Top 100 Sexiest Women on Earth. 



Understand that number..
.that's how fine she really is! 

Vida's career launched when she sent in a photo to FHM Magazine for their amateur contest. That is when everything exploded for the Cuban born latina raised in New Jersey. 

Vida has been featured in numerous radio and television programs, magazines, commercials, music videos and most recently in the big screen.




During our blockbuster party that she hosted with movie sex symbol Morris Chestnut, Vida saved the best for last, and filmed a segment of The Flow TV with a captive audience of over 1000 people.

How do you feel about having these people put here just for you?

Umm, It's cool.. It's cool!...  I mean, this is my first time in San Jose (CA) and it looks real nice. I was kinda a little upset because we got in  late. Our flight was delayed so its been like a "rush-rush" since we got I'm not really gonna enjoy San Jose, so I'm definitely coming back again.

 Okay, there you have it everybody! San Jose is the place to be.  I went and checked out your website...Peeped it out a little bit. I see that you've got a calendar coming out, is that right?

Vida: So, you checked out the new website? What do you think! Do you like it?

TFM: I'm a web designer. I know about websites. Her website is tight, you all got to check it out!





TFM: It's a tight website, lots of real nice pics. Man, I can't say  enough about it. Anything you got going on in the future?


Vida: Well, I'm doing the calendar that's coming out August 1st (2005) but it's  going out preorders because its been requested since last year. And, basically I just a lot of items on my store now and I just  did a movie we finished today...well, I finished today it's' National  Lampoon's Presents Dorm Daze II'. So, I shot that movie and that will be out later this year, I think.



TFM: You got to check that out also it mentions it (Dorm Daze II) on your website.  Last question for all the fellas out here, say something special just  for them?

Vida: Umm...well, your putting me on the spot, I don't know. (she blows a  kiss)









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