Miss Lyric

Miss Lyric

Story and Interview by Matthew Shack


lyr·ic (n.) 


1. A lyric poem. 
2. Music. The words of a song. Often used in the plural.
3. One of the "BADDEST FEMALES" in Hip Hop.




Stephanie Evans aka Miss Lyric is BAD!



Lyric has been featured in some of the most popular videos with the biggest stars on the mike. 


"Candy Shop" - 50 Cent, "Still Tippin" - Mike Jones  feat.  Slim Thug  and Paul Wall, "Yes, Yes, Yall" - Geto Boys, "Party Up Here"- DMX. 

Stephanie borrowed the name "Lyric" after Jada Pinkett-Smith'scharacter in the movie, "Jason's Lyric" and as you can see...the name has taken on a definition of its own. 

TFM: What's keeping you busy these days? 

ML:School, photoshoots, and working on my new website. 

TFM:  you plan on getting into acting a bit more? 

ML:Yes, I want to take some acting classes. 

TFM: The Flow TV  is looking for a female co-host, as we speak. You you got the skills? 

ML:Oh yeah! I'm definitely ready. 

TFM: How did you get your start in music videos? 

ML: A friend of mine,  Dr. Teeth  cast me in my first video back in 2000 and I have worked with him and others ever since.

TFM: What was it like to work with 50 Cent? How did that come about? 

 is very professional and cool to work with. My agent  GFLIXXX  submitted my pics for the video and they loved them.

TFM: You were also in the "Still Tippin" video 
with Mike Jones feat. Slim Thug and Paul Wall. What was that like? 

ML: Working with Paul Wall and Mike Jones was a blast. Those guys are very humble and down to earth. 

TFM: Now, you KNOW...we gots to talk about the 
bootie. It's cake! And, it's proportionate to your body. You got  Buffie 'The Body'  out there, Ki Toy Johnson...What makes your bootie so special? 

ML:  My bootie is not too big or samll, and it fits right into the plam of your hand... Well, not quite.[Laughs] 

TFM: You have a very beautiful face. Do you think that it's overlooked sometimes due to the bootie? 

ML: Yes. 

TFM: Thousands of guys are reading this interview right now and they're dreaming about what it would take to go out with a girl like you. What can a guy expect from a date with Lyric? 

ML: Great conversation, laughter, good drinks, and just a dam good time. 

TFM: What kind of man do you like? What really 
turns you on? Can a normal guy get with you? 

ML:I like a guy who is confident, good looking, spontaneous and knows how to have a good time. And, yes a normal guy can get with me. 



TFM: Are you single?  

No, I am dating someone. 

TFM: What kind of game would get your attention? How could I get you to fall in love with me? 

ML: I don't like game. Just be honest with me. 

TFM: What advice would you give to all of those aspiring, models out there trying to follow in your footsteps? 

ML: You will get more no's than  yes's... never give up, if you have a dream.



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