Nicole Jeanpierre

Story and Interview by Roger Hooks

Around the corner from "The Flow Magazine" office is this cool little bar where I get my Chicken Pannini and Lemonade for lunch. 

The girls  who work there are really nice and always take care of me...making sure they step to me with my lemonade in hand. 

Well, among all the beautiful ladies one stuck out in particular. Her face is beautiful and as flawlessly assymetrical. 

For all of you model recruiters out there, you know what I'm talking about. 

Well, she was extremely nice with a body that followed suit. 

Even one of my boys who fell through to wrap up some business with me over lunch, couldn't resist her and tried to "Holla" at her during the few minutes he was in the spot.

I did a few photoshoots with this "hot little dime piece" and it was undeniably evident that she deserved to take up this month's coveted spot in,"The Face of the Flow". 

Her name is Natalia Jeanpierre and if you don't see more of her in the entertainment game, it would surely be a tragedy.  She is truly,"The Girl Next Door".

Peep game!


TFM: Natalia Jeanpierre...That rolls off the tongue so nicely. Is there any history behind that name?




NJ: Not really, my mom just liked the name "Natalia" and I get"Jeanpierre" from my dad.

TFM: I have to say you have one of the most versatile looks I have ever seen. One minute you look Latin, the next minute you look Asian. What kind of gene pool does it take get such a versatile sexy look?



NJ: Well, thank you. I hate always lookin' the same every day. But as for the gene pool, my mom's Black and my dad's French and Spanish.

TFM: You know I have to admit you are really cute in person... but when you do a photoshoot you seem to release a whole level of sex appeal that catches a brotha by surprise. Is that something you save for closed doors or something??? [Laughs]

 [Laughs] On a normal every day basis I just like to dress simple. I'm not real big on gettin' dressed up, so photo shoots are a time for me to play dress I guess you can say that. 

TFM: It seems that every time I talk to you there's a new gig going on. What are some of the bigger projects that you have done lately. 

I was just in the program for the San Jose Grand Prix, a full page spread, and Featured in The Wave Magazine. Besides that I've just been doing a few shoots to keep my website maintained and updated. 


TFM: I know that you are a bartender, but when you in between bartending and modeling what do you like to do just to relax?



NJ: It seems like there's little of that time, but when I do get it I like to go fishing (Yeah, big surprise) I love it actually. I like to go bowling, to the batting cages, play miniature golf, watch movies and have a drink here and there. I'm not into clubbin' anymore. I work in a bar all day, thats enough club for me.






TFM: Where do you want your career to go?.... Just modeling...acting...what?



NJ: My main goal is acting. Modeling is great and if it took me somewhere big then I'd surely go with it but acting is always going to be top of my list. 

TFM: You told me once that you like to dance... But there's two things I hate... that the girls doin the circle dance all by themselves in the corner and the girl that it two cute to get out of her two step. I like a girl who isn't afraid to sweat on the dance floor. What kind a girl are you? Are you a two stepper? Or do you get crunk wit it?The brothas in the hood want to know...

Damn, I love dancing. I haven't done as much of it lately, but I'm the kind of girl that doesn't mind getting a little sweaty on the dance floor. Once I'm in the zone, I kinda forget everyone else is there. 

TFM: You know when I first met you I have to say that I took you for another cute face that was probably stuck on yourself... but once we did that first photoshoot and I got to know you a little bit... I can see that you were a real down to earth and nice person. Do you find that guys do not want to approach you because of your look?

Yeah, most people assume that I'm a stuck up bitch when they see me. Of course they haven't said a word to me yet, go figure. But I usually make it really easy for people to talk to me. I'm hella out going, I've always been that way. I guess thats one of the reason I also make a good bartender.



TFM: Now, here is a question... How would your ex - boyfriends describe you in the following three categories...

(A) as a Homie - Someone you can just kick-it with like one of the boys
(B) as a Lover - Self Explanatory
(C) as a Friend - one to confide in

 (D)...Someone to take his problems out on and 'bitch' at.[Laughs] I'm just kidding. I'd have to say (A)..but thats probably what most of my guy friends would say. 

TFM: Now, I have always been curious of what about a man truly catches a woman's eye. The answer differs from woman to woman so I want to ask you specifically. What body part of a man most catches your attention.

Damn. There's a few....His smile.....I love nice arms and legs.....and his eyes, you can say a whole lot with your eyes. 


TFM: And, if you were trying to get my attention, or any man for that matter... do you have a secret weapon that you more than confident in landing you the man of your choice? What game do you depend on to get you what you want?  


NJ: The weapon I have isn't any secret....I just smile at a guy....if he smiles back, then I would go talk to him. I'd give it a minute and make sure he's lookin' though. If not that, then I normally just go up to people and intoduce myself. I do it in a friend kind of manner so that I dont make the situation uncomfortable. 


TFM: I have talked to you quite a bit over the past few months... and I have always wondered... What kind of guy attracts your attention... because you haven't given this brotha no play! [Laugh]

NJ: Damn, thats kinda hard to say. I'm not particular on guys. There's attractive guys of all ethnicities. I guess I look for guys that show self confidence. But, not all hella cocky. Someone who's not looking for attention but just being themself.




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