Jasmine Williams

Story and Interviewby Matthew Shack

The Entertainment Game is about....who you know AND what you can do. 

But, you ALSO have to be able to deliver when your number is called.

Jasmine Williams is an original winner of Flow TV's GET UR FACE IN THE FLOW and she covered the 2005 BET AWARDS on our behalf.



She not only won, she was GOOD! 

She also covered Steve Harvey's Benefit for Katrina Relief on September 26, 2005.     




Jasmine is gonna do BIG THANGS in The Game!!

First things first, you got a really nice bootie...How does such a petite girl carry all that around? 

Jasmine: Man, it's not hard but it's getting more difficult. When I want to buy jeans they won't go over this butt, but then they'll be too big in the waist. I carry it with stride though because I love my frame and the people love it too.

TFM: So, what's next for your modeling career? 



 Well, I have my website that's about to launch, So, from there magazines, calendars, videos, you know 'the whole nine'!

TFM: You've previously won the GET UR FACE IN THE FLOW CONTESTfor The Flow TV. What celebrities have you interviewed?



Jasmine: The list is getting longer. [Laughs] I've interviewed Mario, Brooke Valentine, Bobby Valentino, David Banner, MC Lyte, Frankie J, Shawnna of DTP,  Remy of Terror Squad,  Jackie O, Mike Epps, Chingy,  Katt Williams ...just to name a few.


TFM: You have a website that is going to launch, tell us about it.

Jasmine:  It's been so hard to get this thing off the ground, but it's finally happening! I'm just trying to do a lil' something different than what people have seen from me. I got videos, hot guest models, a calendar in the works, a store and you know just a whole lot of pics of me!

TFM: What can a guy expect from a date with you? 

Jasmine: It's funny that you asked. I've been on "Blind Date" (TV show) twice and neither of them went past the date.. [laughs] I'm pretty laid back and cool. I'm simple when it comes to dating. A movie, dinner and maybe some dancing. Don't try to do too much, just let it flow and if we connect then that's a good sign for you.

TFM: What kind of man are you into? What characteristics are important to you? 

 I like a confident man, good personality, sense of humor and handsome of course! I'm turned on by a nice smile and nice physiques. Nothing like a big beautiful smile with the right body to go with it and you know it!

What are your postive traits and do you feel that you can handle this game you're getting into? 

Jasmine: I'm a hard working, determined, outgoing and confident person. I'm confident in myself and the work I produce so yes ,I know I can handle this game I'm getting into. I just know to stay true to myself and continue to be loyal and true to my fans and I'll be fine!

TFM: What advice would you give to all of those aspiring, models and co-hosts out there trying to follow in your footsteps? 

Jasmine: You gotta know your stuff! Do your research and always be on top of your game. Always leave the best impression that you can. Don't think that you have to show everything to make it or book a job because you don't. Your time will soon come so never step out of your box. Just do you and do it the best that you possibly can


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