Nancy Erminia

Nancy Erminia Vitale:  
Story and Interview by Matthew Shack
Nancy Erminia is a star.
Don't believe it?...Ask, Hugh Hefner.

She has appeared on numerous covers for Playboy Lingerie, and was a Top 20 Playboy model in 2003.







"Make It Clap" (Sean Paul, Spliff Star, Busta Rhymes), "Excuse Me, Miss" (Jay-Z feat. Pharrell) "Show Me Your Soul" ( P. Diddy, Lenny Kravitz, Pharrell and Loon)

Nancy E. is ready to put Hollywood, on its ear!

 What's keeping you busy these days?

Nancy E: I just released a calender for 2006, I am the new host of a TV show called," BEHIND THE MIC " starring DJ Clue. We have a first look deal with MTV, its a behind the scenes show of Clue's show on HOT 97 (NYC).

 So what's next for your modeling career? Do you plan on getting into acting?

Nancy E: I am auditioning for TV and film [then] I am going to L.A. this pilot season with my manager, Jonathan Baram to get an agent!

 How did you get your start in music videos?


Nancy E: Hugh Hefner, the founder of PLAYBOY introduced me to the "INFAMOUS JONATHAN BARAM"and the rest is history! Jonathan has a bedroom in the PLAYBOY MANSION because he is there so much!!

TFM: Thousands of guys are reading this interview right now, and they're dreaming about what it would take to go out with a girl like you. What can a guy expect from a date with Nancy E.?




Nancy E:  I am as real as it gets...from my body, to my mind. I don't date celebrities, they are a 'pain in the ass'!!!

TFM: What kind of man do you like? What really turns you on? Can a normal guy get with you?

Nancy E:
 I like a man with confidence!!
TFM: What advice would you give to all of those aspiring, models out there trying to follow in your footsteps?
Nancy E: Find the kid, Jonathan Baram!!
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