Jayde Steele

Story and Interview
by Matthew Shack

Jayde Steele
is hard!

She encompasses that rare yet, elusive 
combination of beauty and strength.


And to top it all off? She looks DAMN good.!!!



If you are a Hip Hop Head?..  You've seen her face.



If you're not?.. YOU'VE SEEN HER FACE.



Jayde is killin' the game and she has the industry props to prove it.


DVDs: Game Entertainment's Hip Hop Honeys Vol. 1 DVD and host of Hip Hop Honeys Las Vegas Edition.

Television and Commercials: 
BET's 106 & Park, BET's Uncutcommerical,  BET's Rip The Runway, 2005 BET Awards, VH1's Wealthiest Rappers, Inside Edition, Bling Tones commercial, etc. Magazines: Playboy, XXL, Perfect 10, King Magazine,The Top 100, Smooth, BlackMen, The Source, Trace and... The Flow. 


Jayde started modeling at age 17. She was doing very well... until, her pursuit of a professional runway modeling career was thwarted by her physical gifts.

“In laymen's terms, my boobs were too big.”
 she states. “I was told to lose 10 pounds and I already weighed 115 at that time. I was devastated. It felt like my dream was being crushed.”


At 21, Jayde hooked up with our 'homie' Model Super Agent, Jonathan Baram.


He negotiated her first deal. Within a two month period, Jayde was posing for Playboy.



A "sista" in Playboy?? Now, THAT'S very hard to do.

“Very few black women get into that magazine."
 says Jayde. "This is a shame when women of color are the TRUTH!”


Once famed Hip Hop video director Little X, started featuring Jayde in his videos?? ...It was over, said and done!



Jayde is currently the host of Hush TV,  interviewing the hottest Hip Hop celebrities in a forthcoming DVD. 

For all of you aspiring models out there, Jayde offers a bit of advice...


"If one doesn't respect oneself, one can have neither love nor respect for others".



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