Piarry Oriol

Story and Interview by Matthew Shack

Piarry Oriol
 is blazin' hot!


Not just her looks..but in her career.



And? She is... SOOO SEXY!!



She's graced the pages of XXL, Smooth and King Magazine and was  featured in the video “Nasty Girl,” The Notorious B.I.G., Diddy, Nelly, Jagged Edge and Avery Storm.



Piarry is one of the most requested new models in the game..BUT of course, The Flow will ALWAYS get love.


She takes some time out of her busy shooting schedule to chop it up.



TFM: Your birthday just hit this month..the BIG 21! You're official! I know you did it really BIG, huh?



Piarry: Yes, I did! XXL and King Magazine had a party in Detriot that was off the hook! I celebrated there and I'm on my way to Miami to continue it.



TFM: You have a very exotic look. What is your nationality?



Piarry:  My mother is from Trinidad and father is Haitian..I was born here in the States, though.



TFM: You've done your share of music videos. Do you plan on becoming an actress and get that face into Hollywood?



Piarry: Most definitely, I'm going back to New York and then hit L.A. to take acting lessons. You have to perfect your craft, you know.



TFM: What kind of man do you prefer and what do you expect on a date?



Piarry: A nice strong and caring man when he has to be. I like to be wined and dined but, be gentle. Don't go all out of the ordinary.



TFM: What kind of advice can you give all those aspiring models out there? 



Piarry: Follow your dreams and make sure you know the business. Don't sign anything with out proper representation.


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