Erica J. Smith


Story and Interview by Roger Hooks

The Flow Magazine,
 since its inception has always
introduced the hottest Hip-Hop Dime Pieces across the nation.



Last month, we touched down at our home base in the San Francisco Bay Area and gave you the stunning, Veronica Rodriquez.


In tribute to the hot movements of The Bay we thought we would shed some light on the old Sir Mix-a-Lot lyrics from, "Baby Got Back". 



We decided to go with 'back to back' issues highlighting The Bay's Finest Females and you will agree that it is easy to see that when it comes to Oakland Bootie... The Yay Area definitely lives up to its name.


This month we revisit an old friend of The Flow, Ms. Erica J. Smith. This is Erica's third appearance in The Flow and I am sure you will agree that "Three Times" is definitely a charm. I caught up with Erica one weekend and this is what she had to say....


 So..Erica...Mmm..Mmm...Mmm.You make a brotha wanna cry! Damn! [Laughs] You've madeTHE FACE OF THE FLOW for the THIRD time and I have to say, I can't lie...It's all about what you've got going in the back. How do you feel about that?



Erica: Ahahhaha!  Glad to hear you guys are appreciating and enjoying the view!



TFM: I am sure you get lots of "Back End" compliments. Pardon the Pun. Is that true?



Erica: Yes, and I love them all.



TFM: You seem to remain in good shape. Is it good habits or good genes? 



Erica: Yes, I've been blessed good genes. I LOVE to eat, so good genes come in handy!  I also love kickboxing as well.  Makes me feel great!




TFM: If you do work out how often?


Erica: 2 to 3 times a week



TFM: How do you feel about people's admiration of your body?

Erica: It's good to know all the hard work I've put in is being noticed and appreciated. I too enjoy reaching out and giving love where love is due.


TFM: You are a smart intellectual woman. How do you feel about what people say about demoralization among black women in Hip-Hop. As an intellectual woman, how do you justify all of it?



Erica: I think each woman has to do what works for her personally. Sex sells, and there will always be videos and women needed for them.  Each woman has to make her own call as to how she wants to handle her career/image.



TFM: What do you have to say to those that say that women who do the "Back-Out" shots and sexy videos are doing black women an injustice.



Erica: Again I say, each woman should do what she feels comfortable with. The "back-out" shots are my perogitive, and I'm comfortable with the shots, so as long as they're classy. I always keep in mind that my family, especially my dad, will see these shots, so keep it clean! Sexy videos, as in slow romantic songs are cool for the ladies, in my opinion ...but the ones where the guys are rubbing all over your bootie?? ...Naaaa, I can't get with that. There's no pleasing ALL people ALL of the time, so one should just go with what works for them.



TFM: Do you have anything big coming up?



Erica: Hey, all work and no play is NO GOOD!! I try to keep a healthy balance. Besides the modeling and acting, I work full time, plus dabble in real estate investing. For pleasure, when I'm not spending time with my nephews and niece, I'm always hitting up different spas and I love international travel! I had SO much fun in Brazil for Carnival! Wow!!


TFM: I have to admit Erica... I have had a crush on you since that first Harley Davidson photoshoot we did back in the day. I'm a clean cut gentleman type of guy with some Hip-Hop Flavor in the mix. For me and all those guys out there... What could we possibly say to get just a little bit time from a top notch lady like yourself.




Erica: Wow... didn't know that! [Smiles] Hmmm, I'd say patience, persistence, and lots of respect go a looooong way with me and other lady friends I know. Ahhh, and lots of flattery is good too!


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