Glenn Twins: Activate!

Story and Interview by
Matthew Shack

Are TWO heads really better than one?  
If they're ugly??  Ahhh... No.

But, if you're identical "Georgia Peaches" that look like Debra and Joyce Glenn...the answer is a resounding, YES.


You've seen them in the hottest videos in Hip-Hop with Jagged Edge's, "Stunnas" feat. Jermaine Dupri being the latest in high rotation, as of right now.



The Glenn Twins
 are not only a sight to see, they are also a sight  to hear from and conversate with because they are academic scholars.


Both have BBA's in accounting from Savannah State University with Debra and Joyce graduating Magna Cum and Suma Cum Laude, respectfully. (Joyce 4.0 GPA and Debra 3.9)

They are also members of the esteemed business honor society,Beta Gamma Sigma.  (If the ladies at H&R Block looked like these two?? I'd file my taxes...EARLY!)

Beautiful, Brainy and Talented...The Glenn Twins are definitely in the building!

 Out of the two of you which one is the oldest and who is the most outgoing?



GT: Joyce is older by 5 minutes and is more outgoing.


TFM: What's keeping you two busy these days?



GT: We just graduated from college so now we're mainly focusing on pursuing modeling and acting. We just did a few videos and we will be doing more editorial work. We are currently planning for our  2007 Glenn Twins Calendar--so we have a few things coming up. To keep up with our latest endeavors visit our website.


TFM: How did you get your start in music videos and which ones are your favorites?   


GT: We heard about an open call and auditioned. We booked our first audition and we have been able to do some here and there ever since. Our favorites are  Bow Wow, "Let's Get Down"  G-Unit, "Wanna Get to Know You"  R. Kelly, "Playas Only" Cruna, "Take me Higher" and Young Bloodz, "Presidential."


TFM: In my experience with identicals twins, there is always a twin who is less beautiful than the other...but in this case, you both are equally stunning. How has that helped or hendered your career?



GT: It has helped because it has broadened our options in the entertainment industry. We are able to be marketed together or separately, although we prefer to work together. But it allows us the option to work individually, as well.


TFM: So what's next for your modeling career? Do you plan on getting into acting, or hosting TV?



GT: You've read our minds!  [Laughs] We are definitely pushing for more acting jobs. It is our first passion--the modeling just happened for us first. We've also done some hosting and we absolutely love it.


TFM: What can a guy expect from a date with The Glenn Twins,besides looking good on both arms?



GT: We'll have a LOT of jokes. We love being silly and laughing. Guys are always surprised at how down to earth and goofy we are. A guy can also expect an intellectual conversation. We have never relied solely on our looks to get by. We are really educated so a guy can expect to get a dose of our intelligence on a date as well.


TFM: What advice would you give to all of those aspiring models out there trying to follow in your footsteps?



GT: Our answer to this often asked question is always the same--HAVE A PLAN B. In this industry, success is never guaranteed so get a degree, educated yourself, or have another passion separate from modeling so you can have something to fall back on.  

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