Favors Twins

Favors Twins: Dynamic Duo

Story and interview 
by Matthew Shack

It is completely natural to be fascinated with the anomaly of identical twins.

All people are unique by birthright, but to have to share the same physical and primary mental characteristics with another person seems very strange to say the least.



Most people are too egotistical and self centered to endure that type of burden for life...present company included.
But Teia and Teshia Favors are modern miracles of the genetic code. They are identic but not exact.



They are also ambitious, educated, highly intelligent, personable and...THEY ARE FINE AS THE DAY IS LONG!!
With modeling careers on the come-up and a future so bright "you gotta wear stunna shades", the appealing ATL-iens took time out to hob-nob with The Flow.


( BTW...Last month's Face Of The Flow,  The Glenn Twins  are also from Atlanta...so its definitely time for a road trip.)



TFM: Which one of you is the 'babygirl' of the two and who has the best sense of humor?



T&T: Teshia is the oldest by eight minutes and we both have outgoing bubbly personalities. I guess that’s why people love working with us.






TFM: What's recent things have you two been doing as of late?



T&T: Well, we just wrapped up the Bronner Brothers Hair Show and Teshia just finished her shoot for the 2007 Seagram Gin Calendar . . . right now we are working on favorstwins.com and it’s going to be HOT!!!

TFM:  As identical twins in this business what are some of the challenges that you've faced?



T&T:  Being twin models is strange, but fun. It’s strange because it seems like people are afraid to hire us separately. I don’t know if they believe it’s going to start some type of sibling rivalry or something. I don’t care if my sister gets picked for a job and I don’t. Hell, it’s still going on my modeling resume. They can’t tell the difference. [Laughs] Just kidding. It’s fun because we always have each other if the other models are not friendly, we can be marketed together and separately, and we stand out more.



TFM:  Are their any other sets of twins that you look to for inspiration or guidance?



T&T: We don’t have any twins that inspire us, but if we had to choose a set of twins it would be the [Mary-Kate & Ashley] Olsen Twins.


TFM:  So what's next for your modeling career? Do you plan on getting into acting, music videos or hosting TV shows?

 We would love to get into acting and broadcasting. It would be great to see our faces in movies and on major television networks like CBS, NBC, UPN, ABC, etc. I’m sure you get the picture. [Laughs]

  What can a guy positively do get next to you or your sister?

 Guys that approach us should be themselves. Don’t try to change who you are to impress us. If one of us turns you down don’t try to talk to the other one. It’s lame and it doesn’t work.[Laughs] We also like guys that are educated and have drive. We were never attracted to lazy men. Also, we love guys with great personalities and a sense of humor because we love to laugh and we are full of jokes.

TFM:  What advice would you give to all of those aspiring, models out there trying to follow in your footsteps?

T&T: Have a BACK UP PLAN because modeling is competitive, and everyone doesn’t make it in the modeling industry. Go to school and get a degree, have other goals or get some type of training. Have realistic expectations. No one becomes a star over night. It takes time. Please don’t put you morals aside or change who you are as a person in order to book jobs because in the end it will cause you to lose jobs and your reputation will be destroyed.

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