Adrienne Coronado:
Story and interview by 
Matthew Shack   



¡en fuego!


We could've just left it at that and ended all discussions on Adrienne Coronado but what fun would that have been?


In fact, that would be a grave injustice to all of THE FACE OF THE FLOW fanatics out there who expect us to represent the baddest ladies in the game.


And, Ms. Adrienne is one of the baddest!!



She makes our job look SO good and oh SO easy because has the '3-B's'...BEAUTY, BRAINS & BOOTY!




The Phoenix, AZ-based bombshell is a long time friend and subscriber of The Flow Online Magazine, as well as a practicing veterinarian. (If one of my dogs get sick? I'm flying to Phoenix on the first thing smokin'!!)



Silky smooth from 'top to bottom'...Ms. Adrienne chops it up with, 
The Flow.


TFM: What's keeping you busy in terms of your career?

AC:  Well I’m a veterinarian full-time...that’s my career. Anyone who knows a doctor knows that we stay busy 24/. As far as modeling, I am currently promoting/hosting club events with Upscale Entertainment here in Arizona . I am also busy selling and doing signings for the 2007 Fantasy Girl Calendar as well as doing several photoshoots for my website (, which I hope to launch early 2007.



TFM: What is the origin of "El Sueno Espanol" and how did it come about in describing you?



AC:  It's funny you ask that question because it actually sprouted from my supporters. I am constantly getting emails from people telling me that I am their dream woman because I got the brains to go along with the face and body. People are also very curious as to what ethnicity I am. I constantly have to explain to people that I am Spanish & Mexican, so I put the two together and came up with “El Sueno Espanol”which is spanish for “The Spanish Dream”. I think this nickname represents me to the core since it gives others an idea of my heritage and also describes me as a dream woman.



TFM: We saw the 2007 Fantasy Girl Calendar that you're currently in and there were many sistas in there "packin' big thangs" in the booty department. And, you we're more than holding your own...How does it feel as a Latina model to know that you can compete with them?



AC:  [Laughing] I do hold my own don’t I! I have to say it is quite an honor to be amongst some of the most beautiful and bootyfull women in the Fantasy Girl Calendar. I’ve worked hard in the gym to build and maintain my shape and I’m happy to be able to show it off even though it didn’t come naturally to me like it does with most sistas. It’s also important for me to be able to show younger Latinas that we can compete and aren’t limited in things we can accomplish.



TFM: What's next for your modeling career? Television or film?




AC: Well since modeling is more of a hobby to me and less of a career, I am just going to go with the flow right now and see where it takes me. I would, however, like to get into magazines such as Smooth, King, Fuego, and any others that would allow me to grace their pages. That’s always been one of my biggest goals to accomplish in modeling. As far as television or film, well let’s just say that I’m a shy girl. I don’t think that would be for me, but who knows what the future holds.



TFM: What does a man have to do to get next to you? What would you recommend?



AC:  He has to be an animal…[Laughs]...I’m playing. I’m currently in a relationship so it would be rather hard for a man to get next to me right now. However, I would recommend that he have goals and a good head on his shoulders. He would also have to be able to hold a conversation about something other than sports, be active mentally and physically, and he has to love the outdoors.



What advice would you give to all of those aspiring, models out there trying to follow in your footsteps?


AC: The modeling industry isn’t always fame and glamour…it’s hard work. You have to set goals for yourself…start by keeping a journal and a timeline of what you want to achieve and set a deadline for accomplishing it. Never lose sight of things you are trying to accomplish, stay focused. Most importantly, and yes I feel this needs to be said, don’t sell yourself short or degrade yourself. I see and hear of a lot of models sleeping around just to make it in that magazine or music video, while it sometimes works it is only temporary not to mention that it gives the rest of us a bad reputation. Think about it…is that what you want to be known for? Of course if there are any young models or girls who want personal advice or my opinion I’m always up for answering emails:

I also want to thank The Flow Magazine for giving me the opportunity to introduce myself to their readers and if anyone would like to purchase an autographed 2007 Fantasy Girl Calendar from me please send an email to



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