Lyzabeth Lopez

Story and interview by Matthew Shack   

Beauty is one thing...

Intellect is another..., intellect and athleticism altogether is a very lethal combination.  




Canadian-bred bombshell, Lyzabeth (Lie-zah-beth) Lopez is a Venezuelan and Israeli chiseled goddess in the form of Venus, herself...only with a more serious work ethic.



She is a professional fitness model, personal trainer, aerobics instructor, a dancer, and a college instructor.


(WHAT!! My college professors ALWAYS looked like, "The Golden Girls"...but I digress.)


She has also been numberous covers of the many popular fitness magazines, websites, music videos, commercials and television shows in the United States and abroad.



Lyzabeth organizes Urban Dance Competitions in Toronto, and she is a PRO International FAME Fitness and Model PRO.

She is also a personal trainer for over 100 fitness competitors across Canada and the USA.

Lovely Lady Lyzabeth takes time out of the gym getting her "cuts on"  to talk good game with, The Flow.


TFM: So what do you have going on the in your life as of late?

  Presently, I run a Recreation Centre, teach college part time, personal train athletes, teach aerobics, and work as a professional fitness model; I love it!



TFM:  You are an award winning fitness model. Why is it so imperative for the average person to stay in shape and what can they do to stay motivated while in the gym?   



Lyzabeth: Staying in shape doesn’t take any longer than watching your favorite TV show… if you have time to watch 106 and Park for an hour…then you have time to hit the gym, basketball court or pop in a work out tape for 30 minutes to an hour. Staying physically active will increase you productivity in everything you do and make you feel good about yourself…why wouldn’t you do that for yourself?



  What is your height and measurements?



Lyzabeth:  I'm 5’6  and my measurements are 37-24-37



  How important is nutrition in keeping your physique and how do you curb your cravings for unhealthy foods.




Lyzabeth: Nutrition is about 80% of how you look… A lot of people think it’s all about hitting the gym, but that’s only a part of the equation. I eat healthy about 90% of the time, I focus on whole organic grains, lean protein and healthy fat, but I have a sweet tooth. To curb my sweet cravings, I eat healthy sweets like 70% organic dark chocolate, strawberries with splenda and on occasion frozen yogurt.



TFM: For those who would like to get back into the gym but who are pressed for time, what tips can suggest to them to begin working out?




Lyzabeth: Do something you like!! I love to dance, so I take salsa and hip hop classes for part of my cardio and when I’m going out with friends, I’ll take them rock climbing or to a strip aerobics(pole dancing class) [Laughs] The important thing is to make fitness fun… it’s not all about hitting a gym all the time. If it’s not fun you won’t stick to it and that’s really the most important part.



  In your opinion, what is your best feature?


  My best physical feature is probably my hair; it’s big and curly and I can change my whole look by straightening it out, or coloring it.



TFM: So what's next for your modeling career, are film and television in your future plans?

Lyzabeth:  Actually, yes… I’ve got a couple of TV deals in the works…nothing is firm so I won’t talk about it too much as I don’t want to jinx it. [Smiles]



TFM:  Where do you see yourself in the next five years?




Lyzabeth: I love that question… I’m actually very goal oriented so I have it all planned out… without getting into too much detail, I plan to become a big name in the fitness industry with the goal of helping spread the word of healthy living across the world.



TFM:  Tell us one of your "patented" beauty secrets.




Lyzabeth: A lot of people ask how I keep my teeth so white… aside from the obvious (brush/floss/Listerine) they stay white because the only thing I drink is water…my morning run is my coffee.


TFM:  How can a person get next to you, romantically?



Lyzabeth:  They could try, but it wouldn’t work… I’ve been with my guy since high school and I’m still in love.


  What’s the worst pick-up line you’ve ever heard?


Lyzabeth:  I guess it’s not a line, but when a guy makes that“psssttt noise” and grabs on to your clothing or hand and won’t let you go…let’s just say that that’s never a good way to begin a conversation. [Laughs]




TFM:  What advice would you give to all of those aspiring models out there trying to follow in successful footsteps?



Lyzabeth: For aspiring models out there… the most important thing you can do is research. If you’re hiring an agent, booking a photo shoot or hiring a make up artist make sure you take the time to make sure that this person is professional and has your best interests at heartThe other thing would be to know why you’re getting into modeling…what’s your goals in the industry… Think ladies!…Don’t just jump in with two feet and run to the first person who wants to take your photos. Lots of luck and love to you all!     





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