Sarah Nichole

Story and Interview by Matthew Shack

Sarah Nichole is a butterfly!

A beautiful butterfly with many different looks and colors.

She has been the principal in some of the hottest videos in recent memory: “Hustla Music,” (Lil' Wayne), "Touch It: Remix" (Busta Rhymes), "Love" (Keyshia Cole feat. Tyrese), "Breathe" (Fabolous), "Conceited" (Remy Ma), "Outta Control" (50 Cent & Mobb Depp), "Whistle Song" (Julez Santana) and "Boom" (Mario feat. Juvenile) . 


Sarah Nichole didn't choose the game...the game chose her...and so, did we.

We love to catch beautful things that have talent and's very rewarding. The Flow got our butterfly net and caught up with the beautiful butterfly, herself.


TFM: When we first viewed your pictures, we we're in serious "debating-mode" regarding your ethnicity. For the record..What is your nationality and how do you pull-off all of these different looks?

Sarah Nichole: I'm Puerto Rican. I like to create characters and present different and natural looks for auditions and casting. I try to look the part from the opening so, I have the best chance to land that opportunity.

TFM: You are currently a host for the television show, "Behind The Mic" with HOT 97's DJ Clue in NYC. Give us a little background about the show.

Sarah Nichole: "Behind The Mic" features the hottest models and the biggest stars, out there. We focus on current subjects in Hip Hop and we have huge contests as well as, artist interviews and videos.  

TFM: You kind of stumbled into the glamourous music video world. How did all that occur in the beginning?

Sarah Nichole: My brother in law, told me about a casting for a Young Gunz video, I went and I booked principal... I was very fortunate and very blessed to begin my career in that fashion.

TFM: You are currently a Theater and Dramatic Arts major in college...perfecting your craft. What are your plans regarding your acting career?

Sarah Nichole: My manager, Jonathan Baram has set me up to read for a up-coming film called, "The Kings Of Bushwick" . It's the prequel to the "King Of New York". Looking forward to the challenge...wish me luck!

TFM: Most definitely! You ready? You got that 'cold reading' down pat, girl?

Sarah Nichole: Of course. I'm ready! I got it down pat!

TFM: You were on location at Busta's "Touch It: Remix" video shoot when tradegy struck down his long time bodyguard. Was it as crazy out there as people claim it to be?

Sarah Nichole: was definitely a crazy day! We were there from like 11:00 AM to 12:00 AM, the next day..over 12 hours on the set. I was in the back of the warehouse when the fight broke out. At first, we thought all it was a fight, but then he got shot. People we're grabbing and screaming and we were hiding the warehouse for a long time. We didn't know what was going on. I got my purse and cell phone stolen from the dressing room while it happened, too. Jonathan was there but, he left an hour before.

TFM: Damn! Sorry to hear all that, girl. But, you'll be "iight".

Sarah Nichole: Yeah...everything happens for a reason. But, you're right.."I'll be alright!" (Laughs)

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