Buffie the Body

Story and Interview Matthew Shack


OK...at the count of three, let's ALL look at the booty.





Buffie "The Body" Carruth. A name has never fit a person so well, yet so accurately.



You've seen her in all these videos...and if you've haven't? Your cable must have been straight off!



"So Seductive", Tony Yayo. "Oh Yes", Juelz Santana. "Can't Stop The Reign 2006" DJ Kayslay feat. Bun B, Papoose, & Shaq.



She also had a minor part in the movie, ATL (2006) as Big Booty Judy.


You've seen her in just about every hip-hop and urban magazine in the world.



Now, she's finally in The Flow to set off 2007 in a BROWN & ROUND  sort of way.


She is a cutie with a huge booty  who's running this game by literally looking over her shoulder.

Buffie "The Body"...drops it like it's EXTREMELY hot with Matthew Shack.



TFM: You are one the top of the urban models in the world and you are also a dark skinned woman. What needs to happen in this industry to increase the visibility and exposure of darker skinned models in Hip Hop?




Buffie: I think that [being dark-skinned] has a lot to do with my success because I was different. I’m not the typical model that most people are use to seeing in videos. I’m completely different. I’m a real thick girl, I’m dark-skinned…I think that by itself, it has a lot to do with it. Of course, my butt being big as to do with a lot to do with it also. I think if I was light-skinned with a big butt, I don’t think I would have been as successful because you see that a lot. The world was ready for something new. They were tired of looking at the same thing.




TFM: How do you feel about bringing in the New Year as January 2007’s Face Of The Flow?


Buffie: I feel good! I feel honored.


TFM: What is your height and measurements?



Buffie: I’m  5’7, I weight like 158 lbs and my measurement are 34-28-45.


TFM: How did you like working with  T.I.,  Evan Ross, Big Boi and Lauren London on ATL?
Buffie: Everybody was professional. Nobody was disrespectful and everyone seemed to be interested in meeting me. They had seen me in all of these magazines, heard me on the radio and on TV and they we’re excited to finally meet me.
TFM: You had a well-publicized heated on-the-air argument with radio jock, "C Tha God" in South Carolina in early '06. Is there anything that you may want to your fans know about what truly happened in that situation?



Buffie: [Laughs] I think it’s funny and I can laugh about now but at the time I was really upset about it. I thought that it was going to hurt me by acting like that but I don’t think it really hurt me. There we’re still people [out there] who didn’t know who Buffie "The Body" was. For that interview to take place sort of boosted me up a little. A lot of people thought it was funny. I guess a lot of people had never seen that side of me. I think it helped both of us, it helped him and it helped me so now I don’t look at it as being negative. Radio hosts want to have the #1 show. Everyone wants to have that show that everybody listens to. I really don’t think that he had anything against me personally, I think he trying to be the next  Wendy Williams or something. He’s trying to get those ratings. So I guess he’s like, “Shit, let me try Buffie out.” Soon as I walked into the room, he started with all these negative comments. Instead of focusing on all the good things I’ve done, he wanted to bring up all the past about me being a dancer and all that. You talk about all the bad stuff without even mentioning the good things. Like I said, I don’t think that he had anything against me personally because I had never heard about the guy before in my life...So he was just trying to get ratings and there are a lot of people who didn’t know him who know him now.



TFM: In your opinion, what is your best feature?




Buffie: My mind. [Laughs] My way of thinking. My way of taking something like me being in one music video and blowing it out where I can promote myself. Two years later I’m still on top, doing my thing and I’m still relevant. I’m doing a calendar every year. A lot of people think that I have a manager but I’ve never had a manager. This is all me. Everything you see, I’m behind it 100%. I think that my mind is my best asset.



TFM: You have a pretty face, Buffie... Do you think that it is under exposed due to all of the focus on your booty?  



Buffie: Yes. [Laughs] So what needs to happen for that to change? It’s crazy how I’ve always thought that nobody paid attention to exactly how I look. They always are focused on my butt. But, it’s not true because everywhere I go even if I have a sweat jacket wrapped around my waist, they still know that it’s me from looking at my face.




 A lot of people recognize me as soon as they see me. And never get around to seeing the butt. They see my face first, and they know who I am...and of course, by my country-ass accent.


TFM: You've said, "The skinny girls are going out of style, and everyone wants a bigger booty now," why is that?


Buffie: Because, people see a regular female, like myself just blow up because my butt is phat. Ok, think about it…if my butt were flat, I wouldn’t be doing any of this. Nobody would know who Buffie is. Nobody would care who Buffie is. Everybody knows that the reason I’m so popular is because of my behind. Now, every girl wants a big butt because they feel like if they can get a big butt, then they can do what I’m doing. It’s funny because, all of the models that come out now and merge on the scene, if any of them have big behinds they always compare them to me. Which is not a bad thing to me because I feel like ok I’m at the top but every girl that comes along has to be compared to Buffie "The Body".

TFM: How often do you work out, and what do you eat?



Buffie: I eat a lot of soul food. I eat a lot of things that I wouldn't suggest that anyone else eat because it's not healthy. I don't really work out, I don't drink enough water, I don't eat the proper foods and I don't exercise. I guess it's just...HERE.



TFM: Tell us one of your "patented" beauty secrets.



Buffie: I foliate my skin, every week.


TFM: How can a person get next to you? Are you available?


Buffie: No, I have a boyfriend. But if I didn’t have a boyfriend ,the guys that I would be attracted to would be guys who didn’t have kids because I don’t like the baby mama drama. Guys who doesn’t smoke, a guy who got his own thing going on. Not just sitting around the house. He’s building his own career trying to do bigger things in life. He’s not concerned about me traveling and trying to follow me. I can’t stand that.


TFM: Any pet peeves or turn-offs?

Buffie: When the only thing they can talk about is my butt, that’s a turn-off. They walk with me and tell me that I have a big butt. I know that, he knows that. Everybody in the world knows that I have a big booty. That turns me off. I hate when guys do that.

TFM: What’s the worst pick-up line you’ve ever heard?

Buffie: I got some homeboys that’s trying to book you for a show or to host a party and I need your number. That’s crazy because they KNOW I’m not going to give them my number. I’ll give them someone else number but I’m not going to give them mine.


TFM: What advice would you give to all of those aspiring, models out there trying to follow in your footsteps?  


Buffie: Stay focused. Leave the drugs and the drinking alone. Please don’t sleep around because I tell people all the time, “I never had to sleep around to get to where I’m at.” It’s almost like your putting yourself down if you have to sleep with a guy to get something. You should have enough confidence to say, “I can do this without sleeping with anyone." If you can keep your legs closed and stay away from the drugs and alcohol…then I feel that you can go far.


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