Jesikah Maximus

Story and interview by Matthew Shack

Jesikah Maximus.


Her name alone is more than enough give a seasoned player that GOOD “tingle”…but (pun intended) her entire physical package can NEVER, EVER be held libel for false advertisement or embellishment of fact.


The name “Maximus” is formed from the Latin term for "greatest" or "largest."


Therefore, it is both a proper noun and common noun, both in the ancient, medieval, and modern world.


Jesikah Maximus is without question, the Gladiator of the modeling game.


Maximum impact…Maximum curves…for Maximum Exposure!


The former 3-Sport star athlete and award winning dancer’s modeling debut in the hit video, “Can U Werk Wit Dat” by  The Fixxers (Quik and AMG)  has catapulted her in the spotlight, permanently.


*Arica Adams at Hazel Eyez Models has blessed The Flow once again, with a complete angel. We love you, girl!


TFM: Tell us about the origin of the name, Jesikah Maximus…I know what I’M thinking about. And, I’m sure you do too. (Smiling)  


Jesikah: The name actually came up after my second photo shoot that I was doing with this photographer. We we’re talking about coming up with a website [for me]. And he was like; “You need to come up with a name because you need to put yourself out there.” I was like, “Well, I don’t have a name, yet.” Out of nowhere, it just seemed to pop-up. He was insisting on names like Jesikah Booty or booty something…I was like, "No, no, no." (Laughs) So out of nowhere I thought; “A different adjective for ‘booty’ is gluteus maximus…so we could doJesikah Maximus.  I’m maximus in EVERY way.


TFM: It’s a good name. It’s sounds good and it’s self-explanatory. So how did you land, The Fixxers, video?

Jesikah: The Fixxers situation, that kind of popped-up the night before [the video] I had met one of Arica’s (Adams) partners and he was like, “Yeah, there is a video going on tomorrow, have you ever been a video?” I was like, “No, not really,” because I didn’t want to start my career in that way. So, I actually went, not to be in the video but to just get the experience of being there. And when I walked in, it kind of like, happened. I wasn’t even part of the girls casted for the video. I went there to observe and I got into a couple of scenes.

TFM: How was it working
with Quik and AMG?

Jesikah: They are hilarious! I had a really good time. The food was REALLY good to tell you the truth.(Laughing) That was off the chain!

TFM: You’re also a certified make-up artist with MAC Cosmetics, how is that benefiting your career as far as your looks are concerned?


 Yes, I did do my makeup in the beginning of my shoots, so it has been very beneficial to me.

 What are your measurements?
Jesikah: 32D-24-41 and I’m 5’2.


TFM: What pet peeves do you have regarding men? 


Jesikah: I can’t stand cockiness! It’s a real big turn-off. Cockiness and poor hygiene.


TFM: Name one of your patented beauty secrets.

 Jesikah: I love to tan. I think that makes a big impact. I like to use O.C. Tanning Lotion and there are three things to remember when tanning; Make sure you shower before you tan, put your lotion on right before you lay out and don’t shower for a few hours afterwards. Let it all soak in.

 What’s the worst pick-up line ever tried on you?

Jesikah: The one that really pops off is when they are just walking around and they’re like…"DDDAAAMMNN!!!!" Like THAT's REALLY going to impress me? I can’t handle that.


TFM: What advice would you give to all of those aspiring models out there, who are trying to follow in your footsteps?
Jesikah: Be yourself. Don’t try to be like another model. Have people who inspire you, but don’t necessarily try to be like them. Be you.


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