Zena Foster

Zena Foster: Dangeous Curves


Story and interview by Matthew Shack

 is the most rarely used letter in the English language. 
 Very few words begin with it. (Check your dictionary)


 Z is the twenty-sixth and final letter of the modern Latin alphabet. 25 letters came before it…but none afterward.


 Z is power.



 Why?  Because, anything that stops the flow of something else …is in fact, powerful.


What number comes before #1?  ZERO!  Anything that starts the flow of something else... is in fact, powerful.



is also a slang term for sleeping or snoring; this has led to the American expression, "catching some Zs."



Zena Foster is NOT to be slept on. (Place your dirty thoughts, here.) 


She is a shapely spring breeze like the Greek God of the West Wind, Zephyrus, and as beautiful as flower petals on a bouquet of Zinnias.



You’ve seen her as  Omarion's  main squeeze in his “Entourage” video and on Nick Cannon’s ‘Wild ‘N Out‘ on MTV.


As an accomplished dancer, Zena has toured with the likes of Nelly, Usher, Christina Aguilera and  Snoop Dogg.



Not to mention, the St. Louis Sexpot is also a member of the girl singing/dancing troupe Elise Neal and Assorted Flavors who are currently “blowing the roof off of ten-story buildings”.


*The Flow loves Arica A. at Hazel Eyes. Hi Baby!



TFM: Give us a little background on how you got into the modeling game


 Zena: I use to be an NFL Cheerleader back in St. Louis. I pretty much had accomplished everything I could on the entertainment end in St. Louis that I could. And, I had known some girl who had came out to L.A. to try to further their career a little bit. So I moved and I got a dance agent and I started dancing. I started working with different artist like Brian McKnight, Christina Aguilera, Donell Jones, Tank ...either on tour, or last show or video. Just from that I started meeting different directors and casting directors. People started asking me to do other things. So that's how I pretty much go into it. I just had to make the transition to try and not go on tour anymore and to start focusing on my modeling.



TFM: So your dancing shoes are formally retired?

 No, no I wouldn't say all that. I'll take a check (Laughs)


 How does dancing and modeling differ as far a the politics of the game in both?




Zena: It really doesn't. It's very similar. It's all about who you know. 



TFM: Tell us about what other things you've done in Hollywood.


 Zena: I've done almost every award show there is, as far a dancing with different artists. From Rock, to Rap to Hip-Hopto R&B. I actually do a lot of hair and make-up ads. I really get into the print work.



TFM: What is your racial heritage?


Zena: I'm Black and White. My mother is Irish.



 TFM: What are your measurements?


 Zena: 34c-26-36 and I'm 5'1.




 TFM: What pet peeves do you have regarding men?



Zena: (Laughing) I hate the WRONG man with a whole lot of confidence.



TFM: What’s the worst pick-up line ever tried on you?


 Pretty much when a guy asks you can he get your number, can he take you out, can he get to know you...you know, "I just wanna be friends". I easily tell him, I'm sorry honey...I got a man. 
They're like, "Naw...I just wanna be friends." I always have to shoot them down with, "Ok, if I was your girl would you like for me to take numbers and start having new friends?"They're like, "Naw..no." I'm like, "Ok..so don't ask me that mess again." (Laughing)


 Give us one of your "patented" beauty secrets.


 Zena: Aveda...ALL DAY!! And Oil of Olay...its old school but it's the only thing that works on my face.



TFM: What advice would you give to all of those aspiring models out there, who are trying to follow in your footsteps?

 I say if you want to do it you can do it if you set your mind to it. But, at the end of the day just be careful and always carry yourself as woman and don't ever do anything that you don't necessarily feel 100% about. 

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