Holly Daniels

HOLLY "Hi-Def" DANIELS: 18 & Ready


Story and Interview by Matthew Shack

Right is ALWAYS right...even if what's right looks like Holly Re'nay 
Alexandria Daniels.




Because, God don't like ugly and you will pay for it in the long run.


(Spoken in ESPN's Stuart Scott's voice) "See...what had happened was...."

Holly aka "Hi-Def", contacted us directly over a year ago, to submit her portfolio to The Flow  for formal and future modeling consideration.


Being the Executive Editor of this international publication,that wonderful responsibility is one which falls directly on my desk. 


Looking at and talking to beautiful women on the daily is my forte anyway...So might as well get paid for it.


Holly was deep chocolate satin pretty  with a physique of an ATL exotic dancer...WITH A FLAT STOMACH! ( & no stretch marks, either, family.)

She had that  
NEW car smell...about her. 
Her approval status was all but guaranteed...in fact, she was in!

she told me she was only 17-years-old.

Ohhh...HELLS NO!  Pump the breaks....sssssskrrrrruuuuutt!!

But the Austin, Texas neophyte didn’t take no for an answer.... 
she hit that magic number of 18 and gave us a birthday countdown on the daily, just to make sure we knew of it.



Don't hate the hustle... hate the struggle.


The Flow Online Magazine is VERY proud to present, Holly “Hi-Def” Daniels as the October, 2007 “FACE OF THE FLOW”.

You’ve earned it, girl.

TFM: First of all, why did you contact us at age 17 to be considered to work with us?



Holly: I realized I was too young but, sometimes if you fight for what you want and show determination. That's all it takes.


TFM: And what made you so confident you had what it takes?


Holly: If you're not confident in what you’re doing you won't get anywhere. My mom made the confident female [that] I am and I feel I am a complete package in what it takes to model for anyone.


TFM: How did you get the nickname, "Hi-Def " ?


Holly: Well, my manager, Clinton Davis Jr. (Checkmate)called my mother one day and he said, "I have the perfect name for Holly...what's top of the line in TV products and its her initials?"....of course, my mom didn't guess what it was. [laughs] but he said, I'm "Hi-Def"  because I'm High Qualityand Top of the Line.


TFM: You just recently graduated high school. What are your plans for the future?




Holly: I'm currently preparing to attend  The University of Texas at San Antonio and study Businessas well as Fashion Design. Because, I want my own clothing line one day.


TFM: What is your most favorite part of your body?

Holly: Ummm...the most favorite part of my body right now I would say is my smile...because there is not one person that has not complimented me on my smile.


TFM: Have you always had THAT body? You've only been a legal adult for a few months. [Laughing]


Holly:  [Laughing]......I've had this body for about  4 years now. I guess the saying is true when they say, "Everything is Bigger and Better in Texas"...or it could be something in the water. [Laughs]


TFM: How do you feel about being the youngest model EVER  featured in The Flow Online Magazine?


Holly: I feel honored and blessed for this experience and opportunity. I appreciate everything and I don't take anything for grantedThe Flow Online Magazine will never regret giving me this chance. When I make it to the top....I'll have you to thank for my experiences along the way.


TFM: I personally told you..no Flow till 18! Remember counting down the days with us?




Holly: Yes, its was like forever and I bugged you guys everyday. I made sure to leave comments keeping my face seen on your page, so you wouldnt forget about me. I can never forget those days because I did not take NO for an answer.

TFM: What are your measurements and height?


Holly: My measurements are  36-24-40 and my height is  5 feet 5 inches.


TFM: What pet peeves do you have regarding men?


Holly: Pet Peeves I have regarding men........ummmmm let see. I dislike the fact that guys don't take the time to get to know me they just want that arm candy called, "Hi-Def"...laughs] and of course, men who lie and cheat.


TFM: Name one of your patented beauty secrets.



Holly: Every night before I go to bed, I cleanse my face and then I take an ice cube and rub it on my face which tightens your pores. It helps prevent dirt from getting in your pores which causes pimples.

TFM: What’s the worst pick-up line ever tried on you?


Holly: "Dang, I been in Texas all my life and I ain't ever seen you before...where you been??"...............or  "Girl, you are flyer than a bird!"


TFM: What advice would you give to all of those aspiring models out there, who are trying to follow in your footsteps?


Holly: Never give up and never take NO for an answer. Don'tlet anyone run over you or allow negative people to bring you down. And just remember, "PEOPLE TO WEAK TO FOLL OW THEIR OWN DREAMS.....WILL ALWAYS TRY TOFIND A WAY TO DISCOURAGE YOURS!!!" I respect and love all the models that have made a way for the rest of us but, I'm not really trying to follow anyone's footsteps but, trying to make my own footprints!!!




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