Benson Twins

Benson Twins: Simply Staggering!

Story and interview by Matthew Shack




One thing that I can say for sure is...I KNOW how to pick 'em. 

I pick my Air Force 1's and Air Jordan II's the same damn pairs.


Kanita and Denita Benson are like a pair of Nikes, fresh out the box...expensive, fashionable and will set ANY outfit off!


Even cut-off khakis and wife beaters.

The Detriot Duo are not only dangerous..they're just plain destructive!

Men are always talking about this girl being a "triple threat" or that girl...
Every man should know AT LEAST one, personally or they need to turn in their "player card". 

But do they know two for that matter, that look exactly alike

I do!

All the wonderful and NATURAL curves of them.

TFM: Out of the two, which one is the 'BIG SISTER' and who has the best fashion sense?


Kanita: I’m the "BIG SISTER". I’m the more outspoken one. 

 She’s the more outspoken then I am. I’m more of the peace maker, but don’t get that twisted. [Laughing] I have the fashion sense with a little help from Kanita. I do the styling for many of our shoots as well as many other models. I just recently became a designer for  Syditty Clothing.


TFM: What's have you both been doing regarding your modeling careers?



Denita: We’ve done music video, commercials, calendars, and print.



Kanita: Due to our father bad car accident, we’ve step out of industry for a minute. But now we’re ready to get back out there and show the world who the "Benson Twins" really are!


TFM: The Benson Twins are the third set of identical twins to be FACES OF THE FLOW. With The Glenn and  Favors Twins  preceeding you, how do you feel about your time to shine?



Kanita: We think we’ve waited patiently. Now it’s are time to Shine and out-shine. But we do look forward to working with other twin models, both men and women in the future.


TFM: Denita, you call me "twin lover!"...what are you trying to say?? [Laughing]


Denita: You love everything in pairs. Is making out with "twins"one of your fantasies? Let me guess, two is your favorite number, right? [Laughs]


TFM: favorite number is 21. Worn it since high school. 2+1...get it?? [Wink]


TFM: How many time in your lives have you two SWITCHED places? Be TOTALLY honest.


Denita: Kanita was going on a date and I came out and got in the car. He didn’t even know the different until we told him once Kanita got back. We have different taste in men. [Laughs]


TFM: The Benson Sisters are the CURVIEST twins that I have EVER seen! Having ALL of that is just RIDICULOUS! What are your body measurements and height?



Both: Come to think of it, we are the curviest twins in the modeling industry right now. We are 34DD-26-37 height 5'2 without heels.

 What are the most favorite parts of your bodies?




Denita: Wow, I have so many. Lips, legs, breast, feet. 

 Legs and  lips. Now you tell us what your favorite part of our bodies? For all the fans out there.


TFM: What pet peeves do you have regarding men?



Both: We hate when men/woman lie. Just keep it real 100%, 365, 24/7 and we’ll be alright. We keep it real from day one and you should do the same.



Kanita: Married men, I have stories for days.


TFM: What’s the worst pick-up line ever tried on you two?


TFM: What can a man do to truly win your hearts?



Denita: I haven’t figure that out yet. I haven’t really met anyone that caught my attention and actually keep it. I get bored quick. Love for music, sports, and working out is a plus.



Kanita: Keep it real and we’ll see.


 Name one of your patented beauty secrets.



Both: We love Dove, Colgate Luminous, Crest Vivid White, Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula!!!!


TFM: What advice would you give to all of those identical twins out there, who are trying to follow in your footsteps?



Both: Be you and true to yourself and have fun! As twins we do not need to compete with one another, it’s bad enough we’re competing against other models in the industry. Stick together!


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