Kimmi Kennedy

Kimmi Kennedy: Black Barbie

Story and Interview by Matthew Shack

The first African American Barbie doll, usually regarded by the name “Christie” made her introduction to the public back in 1968.

The Black Barbie and Hispanic Barbie lines were officially launched in 1980.

Kimmi Kennedy is the real-life adaptation of the iconic Mattel fashion toy…and she's much MORE fun to play with!

The Louisiana Cajun-raised buxom beauty is also marketing juggernaut. She has her own record label, “KK Music”.

She is a graphic designer as well as, and a shrewd businesswoman. Kimmi Kennedy closes deal and cashes checks. Point blank!

TFM: Why do you call yourself the "Black Paris Hilton"?

KK: Actually, I don't. When I did the King Magazine interview, [the interviewer] asked if he could call me that and I just ran with it because I knew it would make people talk! If the talk is good or bad...they are talking!

TFM: You are one of the most downloaded women on the Internet and you're killing MySpace. How did all of that come about?

KK: Well no matter what I do, I do it real big! I understand the power of marketing. And perception and presentation is everything, so I try not putting out anything less that the best because it is a direct reflection of me!

TFM: What is your definition of a HUSTLER and how it applies to Kimmi Kennedy?

KK: A hustler can survive no matter what! A true hustler can adapt to any situation and make it work by any means necessary. I encompass that word...My hustle has been consistent since I was 15-years-old doing hair to get more money...I never change my method, just the game I'm playing!! Right now I am working the modeling & music...You only live once so you might as well try and fail at something you enjoy than live a life in restraints and constriction bound by society and their perception of what things should be!

TFM: What is your marketing approach to reach the masses?

KK: Well I have created a niche that works for me both in the mainstream and urban markets making myself very versatile so a lot the Caucasian companies give me more paid work but yet not forgetting where I come from!

TFM: Tell us about what you have planned for '08?

KK: Well I have my hands in everything just expect more of me everywhere. Keep your eyes and ears open. KK is coming! [Laughs]

TFM: All of this and you rap too?

KK: Yes I do!! I have always had a love for music and now I have platform to make that happen so why not live out my dream!!

TFM: What are your measurements, weight and height?

KK: 34D-23-38 and I am 5'3


TFM: What is your most favorite part of your body and why?


KK:I look in the mirror and love what I see I am very comfortable in my skin. I love all of me but mostly my mind, believe or not. I never cease to amaze myself.

TFM: Tell us one of your patented beauty secrets.

KK: Colonics, not a lot of people are familiar with this procedure but I swear by it! Eating right and lots of sleep. I don't work out but I will start again soon.

TFM: What pet peeves do you have regarding men?

KK: Ignorance, insecurity, bad hygiene, bad dresser.

TFM: Can a normal guy get with you or does he have to have some celebrity status?

KK: Yes, I like who like!! He has to peak my mind first and foremost. But if he is a celebrity that’s fine too but they are usually too much trouble.

TFM: What advice would you give to all of those socialites and models out there, who are trying to follow in your footsteps?

KK: Keep pushing until you get what you want. The sky is the limit!

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