CiCi Santarelli

CiCi Santarelli: My, My, My!

Story and Interview by Matthew Shack

In Latin, the meaning of the name "CiCi" is 'Blind'.

In this particular case, 'blind' should be use as a metaphor for 'cursed' or maybe even the word 'miserable' would suffice.

Because if you cannot see the sheer beauty of CiCi Santarelli and you are blessed to have optical vision or sight?

Literally? You are just that; blind and miserable. Or better yet, you're just a hater.

The Steubenville, Ohio sex-goddess is not only lighting up the modeling game, she is currently attending her first year at Kent State University majoring in Fashion Merchandising with plans to be a premier buyer in the fashion industry. She's also a licensed cosmetologist in her home state of Ohio.

Cici is smokin hot and hard to stop!

TFM: How did you get introduced into modeling?

CiCi: I've always been told that I should model, but never actually pursued it until May 2007 after graduating high school. I was approached by personal manager and promotion extraordinaire, Aundrea Jackson, after being introduced to her by a former model.

TFM: You have a very exotic look, what is your nationality?

CiCi: I am Italian and Black

TFM: How old are you and where are you from?

I'm 19 and hail from Steubenville, Ohio.

TFM: What do you think about being one of our youngest models?

I'm honored!! I love the fact that I've been breaking the mold in many areas of the industry so early in my career. I hope to continue on thatstreak throughout my modeling career and beyond.

TFM: Tell us about what you have planned for the rest of '08?

CiCi: I recently launched my social network, CiCi's PlayGround which features the hottest pics, interviews, models,music downloads, and more. I also have two paid membership sites, and which are scheduled to launch in late July/early August. I will also have mobile wallpapers available at that time as well. I want to do a lot more event appearances this year and into '09 as well. There also may be some majormag and tv appearances coming soon! Stay tuned. [Smile]

TFM: What are your measurements, weight and height?

CiCi: I'm 34C-25-36, 5' 51/2" and

TFM: What is your most favorite part of your body and why?

CiCi: My eyes! I think I have very sexy eyes. I've been told I have "sex-eyes." [Laughs]

TFM: Tell us one of your patented beauty secrets.

CiCi: I use olive oil in my hair! It gives it shine without weighing my hair down.

TFM: What pet peeves do you have regarding men?

CiCi: I don't like conceit, cockiness or pretty boys.

TFM: Can a normal guy get with you or does he have to have something cracking?

CiCi: I consider myself normal so a normal guy could definitely get me, but he would have to have ambition, goals, humility, and a sense of humor.

TFM: What's the worst pick-up line ever tried on you?

CiCi: "Do you drink milk cuz it sure did a body good!" [Laughs] So lame!

TFM: What advice would you give to all of those models out there wanting to follow in your footsteps?

My advice would be to work with great photographers; not all of them are great, so be careful. With the good ones, your images could get you into publications, agencies, etc. Get featured on the web, get seen as much as possible even if it means doing some free events for promo at times, and find yourself a great support team who will work for you even when you don't feel like working for yourself. You've got to have a positive push behind you because it gets discouraging at times.




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