Asia Rain

Asia Rain:Hot-N-Wet!

Story and Interview by Matthew Shack


She falls from the sky like Asian rain.

The alluring beauty of the Far East is seen through its contrasts of culture, lifestyle, and climate.'s women.

"Detriot's Diamond Diva", Asia Rain is the product of brisk wind that was brought forth from the Pearl of the the heart of the mid-west.

Koreans also traditionally believe that the taste and quality of their food depends on its spices and sauces, the essential ingredients to making a delicious meal.

Spicy and saucy are ALSO essential ingredients when it comes to the quality of their women.

Asia Rain makes it RAIN!

TFM: How did you get introduced into modeling?

Asia Rain: DJ Knice-a DJ from Detroit, spotted me out coming out of a club in Downtown Detroit and asked if I had "ever modeled before?" I said "No", and then he told me that I "should really consider doing it" because I have a unique look." He opened my mind up to the industry and made me believe that I could really make it . After we sat down and talked a couple times he convinced me to really take modeling seriously. Then he offered me a spot to present at The Detroit Hip-Hop Awards in '06. So I took the job which was my first modeling gig ever and since then, I've been on top of my game!

TFM: You have a very wonderful look, what is your nationality?

Asia Rain: Thank you, I'm Korean.

TFM: How old are you and where are you from?

Asia Rain:I'm 21, from Detroit, MI.

TFM: What do you think about being one of our newest models?

Asia Rain: I'm excited and appreciative! I see that you guys are doing your thing, so I appreciate the exposure.

TFM: Tell us about what you have planned for '08?

Asia Rain: I'm currently working on shooting for a couple magazines, Top Notch, Hype, and FBM. Plus I have a couple other big projects i've been working on that I can't open my mouth about yet, but y'all will see soon enough.

TFM: What are your measurements, weight and height?

Asia Rain: 34-25-36, 110 lbs, and 5' ft even.

TFM: What is your most favorite part of your body and why?

Asia Rain: Hmmm, I would have to say I love my whole body BUT if I had to choose one part, I would have to say my booty. It's perfectly plump and fits my body, very well!


TFM: Tell us one of your patented beauty secrets.

Asia Rain: Exercise, exercise, exercise!!! The Stair Master is my favorite work out machine. It sculpts your lower half, perfectly. Plus running, I try to run at least three times a week covering three miles per day

TFM: What pet peeves do you have regarding men?

Asia Rain: Laziness. Get off your ass and go get your own shit! I can't stand a lazy man. I'm on my grind 100% all day, everyday, so I expect my significant other to be on theirs 100% also. Plus bad hygiene, insecure, and LAZY--again. [Laughs]

TFM: Can a normal guy get with you or does he have to have something cracking?

Asia Rain: It doesn't matter to me what a man has or he is doing, as long as he isn't lazy. He's gotta be a go-getter. As long as he has a good personality, can make me laugh, and respects himself as well as others, he can be the most normal guy out there but I would definitely give him a chance!

TFM: What's the worst pick-up line ever tried on you?

Asia Rain: "You're so hot, you could put bread in your pocket, and it would come out as toast!" [Laughing] I was on the ground "rolling", but dude was SO serious. That was funny.

TFM: What advice would you give to all of those models out there wanting to follow in your footsteps?

Asia Rain:
Stay with a positive mind and attitude, and respect yourself as a woman! As long as you believe in yourself, and respect yourself-no one can tell you any different. This industry is very hard at times but no matter what, stay true to yourself. Don't let the bs get you down and discouraged. Times will be bad and times will be great you just have to stick with what you believe in. If you believe in yourself-that's all that matters.

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