Collins Twins

Collins Twins: Brazilian Barbies!

Story and Interview by Matthew Shack

Stacee and Tracee Collins are twins that have identical DNA.

Even Stevie Wonder can see that, kinfolk!

Their traits and physical appearances are not exactly the same, but when you look like they do?

Who in the hell cares!!

The complexity within that same DNA is more than your eyes could ever visualize.

You've seen them in: Got It Magazine, Jet Magazine's "Beauty Of the Week" ,What's The Juice Magazine, Hip Hop Weekly Magazine, CTP Magazine, 2006 Fantasy Girl Calendar "Tasty Flavors" Edition and Chris Brown feat. T-Pain's "Kiss Kiss" Music Video.

The Brazilian and Black beauties are New Jersey-born, Miami-bred and are 'blowing the head off' the game with two fresh faces and a strong tail-wind. (Pun-intended and very much encouraged.)

Collins Twins are tantalizingly HOT!

TFM: What's have you both been doing regarding your modeling careers?

Tracee: We just graduated from FAMU in December 2007 with our Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Information Systems and we are now able to take our modeling careers full time since we are done with school.

Stacee: I have moved to Atlanta since that's where we get majority of our opportunities and Tracee will be moving this summer. We are doing selected photo shoots now to diversify our portfolio.

TFM: FAMU! My pops graduated from there...GO RATTLERS! So what other plans do you have in the future?

Stacee: We want to model for clothing lines, hair ads, etc. Also commercials and movies are an interest.

TFM: Which one of you is the oldest and which is the one that nobody should urk their anger?

Stacee: I am the oldest and to be honest nobody should get any of us angered. Although people tend to say I am the mean one but Tracee is the fighter...always has been.

TFM: The Collins Twins are the forth set of identical twins to be FACES OF THE FLOW. With the Glenn, Favors and Benson Twins, preceeding you. how do you feel about being finally being featured?

Stacee: We are greatly appreciated to be featured as FACES Of The FLOW and love the fact that you're using and have used just about all of the twins in the modeling industry!

TFM: Do you know the other sets of Twins?

Tracee: We talk with the Favors Twins, Benson Twins, Carter Twins, and Nyvus Twins on a regular on Myspace. We love to rep the the twins in the industry.

TFM: How many time in your lives have you two SWITCHED places? Be TOTALLY honest.

Stacee:Not that much we can count on one hand, we grew out of that quick.

Tracee: [Laughs] We did it during our middle school years

TFM: What are your measurements, height and weight?

Tracee: We are 34B-26-39 standing at 5'3 weighing in at 126 lbs.

TFM: What are the most favorite parts of your bodies?

Tracee: My Legs.

Stacee: Slim waist, those are in for 2008 ya dig!

TFM: What pet peeves do you have regarding men?

Tracee: Arrogance.

Stacee: Guys who talk me to death and that are always "downing" people.

TFM: What’s the worst pick-up line ever tried on you two?

Stacee: The stupid "2 for 1" line is SO played out.

Tracee: "Well since your sister is taken, Can I holla at you?"

TFM: What can a man do to truly win your love?

Tracee: Keep me happy.

Stacee: One who goes after what he wants in life and keeps it real.

TFM: What advice would you give to all of those identical twins out there, who are trying to follow in your footsteps?

Both: Go to school and get your education! Don't rush to jump in this business, the industry isn't going anywhere.

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