Jenna Tee

Story and Interview by
Roger Hooks

Hey Jenna, Thanks for joining us here at The Flow Online.

You know The Flow has been here online since 2002 and it's been pumping Hip Hop Lifestyle ever since.

We have had three versions of the site since then and you are the first model to be featured after our newest launch this year in 2012.

TFM: How does it feel to be the first model to launch our newest "Face of the Flow" ?

Jenna: Wonderful of course! Thank you for having me, it is a great pleasure!

TFM: I have to say you stopped me in my tracks or should I say clicks when I stumbled across your pics on Facebook. You seem to be an exotic mix of everything nice. Tell us what your genetic make up is or in simplest terms, your nationality.

Jenna: I loved the way you put that. I am 50% Japanese and 50% Thai. 

TFM: Your eyes seem to love the camera and the camera seems to be in love with you...For a good reason. How long has this love affair with you and the camera been going on?

Jenna: Ever since I was 18 years old. It was always a dream of mine to be the girl that was adored by others, because growing up, I was super chubby and never the girl a guy would even consider dating.

TFM: Did you find your way later in life or do you think you were born to model?

Jenna: I found my way. I use to be a very shy girl and not even decent looking. I had big breasts when I was little and was ashamed and hid them behind big t shirts. Haha. Now I've learned to embrace them.

TFM: I came across some GoGo pics on your Facebook page. Are you a dancer too? How long have you been dancing?

Jenna: I've been dancing my whole life. But [has been] going on only about 2 years and then some.

TFM:  What else do you do?

Jenna: I tutor on the side. I love the look of a child when they learn and figure things out for the first time. Also, I'd like to think I make homework fun, so that is a plus for the kids. When I was. little, learning was BOOOOOOOORING and I hated it.

 The year is still young. What do you have planned for your modeling career in 2012?

Jenna: Honestly, I thought I was done modeling, but something just clicked in my head... Why stop now? I'm still young. My personal website is launching later this year. 

 Do you have any other career aspirations outside of modeling?

Jenna: Definitely. I am looking into Real Estate. And also, I'd like to continue majoring in English. Possibly taking the time to teach in Japan for a few years, return and teach here. 

TFM: What do you do when you are not working?

Jenna: Well, I love to play League of Legends. It's an online game that's pretty popular right now. It's basically a tower defense game. I play the 5 v 5 pvp matches... There are 3 lanes you must push to take down turrets.. Also, fighting the champions on the other team. Getting buffs to help you throughout the game. The object of the game is to take down the Nexus at the enemies spawn. When I'm not doing that, I'm out shopping, watching movies, going out to dance, enjoying live shows and hanging out with people I love.

TFM:The Flow Online is all about Hip Hop. Do you like Hop Hop Music? 

Jenna: Hip Hop is good. As of right now though, music has strayed away from the more meaningful music to "the next club hit". Bone Thugs n' Harmony, Nas, Tupac, Mos Def, Common ...
etc are all real hip hop [artists] in my opinion.

Who would say is the greatest Hip Hop artist of all time?

Nas... His lyrics are very meaningful and heartfelt.

 I can't front. I know there are going to be a gang of dudes and maybe even some ladies checking your photos out real close. Each of them will have their favorite parts about you. What would you say is your favorite part of your body?

Jenna: Honestly, my smile. A smile can go a long way. Most people have to fake a smile but for me, I like to spread my happiness with others. I mean, if you were speaking of BODY, BODY. Then my breasts because they are natural. 

What are your measurements? 

Jenna: 34D, 25, 34

 With every model we like to ask that they share a favorite beauty secret. Do you have any you would like to share?

Jenna: If you want your hair to grow, trim the tips of your hair half an inch, to a full inch, or even 2 inches... And ALWAYS use eye primer.

Now every guy peeping at you right now is asking themselves the question, "Could I have a chance to get at that?" Tell them right here and now what it would take for a guy to get your undivided attention.

Jenna: Since I am a gamer at heart, I'd prefer to date a guy who's into gaming... (not hard to find huh?) but I'd like to date a guy who is respectable and has a sense of humor. More than anything, I love me a funny guy! 

 Before we sign off do you have any advice that you would like to pass on to any girls coming up in the modeling game?

Jenna: Be sure you are confident in yourself because this industry can make you really insecure. And the girls are catty..... You have to have a backbone and not take everything too seriously. Have fun with it.

 If people want to check you out on the GoGo Scene where can they go?

Jenna: Updates are posted on my Facebook page.



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