Abby Tianco


Story and Interview by Roger Hooks.


The Flow Online sticks to it's Credo of our FlowStoppers brand and look to a local scene to find our next Face of the Flow hottie. Here we discover Abby Tianco. She's a nice little mosel of beauty that says she Models mostly as a means to express herself. Read on an join us as we sit down with Abby to get to know her a bit better.


TFO: Hey Abby, Thanks for joining The Flow Online. I see you have been with use early on from our new launch. Thanks again for joining us. 

Abby: Thank you. I'm happy to be here.


TFO: We've known each other for a little while now and I have always been impressed with your ability convey sex appeal through the camera. So now we have asked to feature you. How do you feel about being apart of The Flow.


Abby:I’m very flattered and thankful, thanks so much! To be featured in such a cool online community is a tremendous feeling!



TFO: I have always thought you've had a innocent yet mischievous look about you kind of like this sweet kind of girl next door kind of look. To what do you attribute you girlish good looks?


Abby: Aww, thanks! I have a wonderful family, and a mother who’s beautiful inside and out. I’m grateful she passed her beauty to myself and my brother.



TFO: How long have you been modeling?


Abby: A little over a couple of years. With my focus having been on school recently, I’ve slowed down quite a bit, but if the opportunity presents itself to shoot with amazing people, I seize the opportunity to do so.


TFO: What else do you do besides modeling? Is it a full time gig for you or do you do it on the side?




Abby: No, modeling had never been intended to be a full time gig for me. I’m realistic, I’m not the typical young, teen-something, fresh face. I a bit late, in my years really, and it was more of a way to regain something I’d lost. I know not being tall, ethnic and older would all be strikes against me in this very competitive and highly fickle industry, except for the Flow who provides opportunity for more ethnic or voluptuous models. I model just for fun, and to present a side of myself that most people never see or know about. I equate it with someone who’s a painter or a singer. For me, as dumb as it sounds, it’s a way to express a part of myself.




TFO: Wow! That's an interesting philosophy to  your approach at modeling. Not sure I've ever heard and explanation given like that before.  Do you have any plans for your modeling going into the end of 2012?


Abby: I hope to continue to work with more creative people out there, and hopefully help the photographer express what he/she is looking to bring to fruition. 


TFO: Do you have any other career aspirations outside of modeling?


Abby: I’m heading into nursing this year, and having taken a long hiatus from school, I’m looking forward to finally finishing college and acting like a grown up! [Laugning]


TFO: Yeah! I've had my share of hospital visits and the visits would be a lot more enjoyable if the nurses looked like you. Although there maybe a epidemic of fake ilneses if that was the case. [Laughing] Do you have any hobbies you enjoy?


Abby:[Laughing] I have many! But some of the ones I enjoy the most is hanging out with my friends and family, going to the beach, shooting pool, bowling, watching movies, writing, reading and shooting at the range.


TFO: Shooting??? Won't want to make you mad! The Flow Online is all about Hip Hop. Do you like Hop Hop Music? If Yes, who are your favorite Hip Hop artist?


Abby: I LOVE hip hop! I love all kinds of music, from classical to jazz to metal, but hip hop and r&b I listen to the most. I love innovative and lyrical artists, from Elle Varner to Ice Cube, Drake, Lupe Fiasco, Notorious B.I.G., Tupac, Nicki Manaj, 2 Chainz and Frank Ocean.


TFO: Who would say is the greatest Hip Hop artist of all time.


Abby:Wow. The greatest hip hop artist of all time. Gosh there are so many, but if I had to choose I’d have to say Lil' Kim.


TFO: Wow! Lil' Kim! That's one we don't usually here. But I would say I can see a little "Lil Kim" influence in your personality. [Laughs]


Abby: Yeah! When she came out, she brought out the tenacity, hunger and intelligence that all women share. 



TFO: You know when I look at your photos I can't front. I have to say I like your sexy eyes, petite little curvs and cute lips. What would you say your favorite attributes are?


Abby: Gosh, I’ve never really had a favorite thing about me! To be honest, I’m just a regular chick, nothing special about me, I’m just me!



TFO: What are your measurements?


Abby: 34B, 25, 34.


TFO: With every model we like to ask that they share a favorite beauty secret. Do you have any you would like to share?


Abby: I honestly don’t have any! I don’t really have the patience to stand there and spend 45 minutes piling on products, lol.


TFO: Now for all the fellas out there looking at your pictures thinking to themselves do they have enough game to pull a sexy lady such as yourself. So for all the guys out there describe to them what would be the perfect approach to get your attention.

Abby: For me, there isn’t any “perfect approach”. Just be yourself. I don’t need any guy frontin’ or waving bills in my face. I definitely can take care of myself, and doin’ that would definitely get you put onto my sh*t list. If a guy has a brain, confident, funny, sensitive but is still a man, and knows how to treat a woman...that’s a man that would get my attention.



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