Story and Interview by Roger Hooks

This article is featuring our long adored
Charleszetta Baldwin.Don’t let her looks fool you she has brains and body. As a college graduate and a degree in marketing, she knows good and well how to brand herelf and help you do the same. We’ve had a variety of photoshoots with Charleszetta to prepare for this article so to get away from the hustle and bustle of a busy shoot I met with Charleszetta at a cozy little spot in the swank town of Palo Alto home of the Venture Capitalist camps in Silicon Valley. We met a cool spot called Baume in Palo Alto. As always she is a sight to behold. 


TFM: What’s up Charleszetta.

Charleszetta:Hey Roger! How are you? (As she speaks in her seductive mid-range alto raspy voice)

TFM: I’m good how about yourself?

Charleszetta: I’m good. Good and tired! I’ve been busy.

TFM: I know that’s right! You wanna order first?

Charleszetta: I’ve never been here before. What’s good?

TFM: Oh! Their Filet is good and you might want to try their truffle with summer corn. That’s scream’n.

Charleszetta: [Laughs] Okaayyy... Summer Corn... Any different form winter or spring corn?

TFM: [Laughs] I don’t know we’ll have to ask the waiter on that one. 

Charleszetta: So what are you going to have?

TFM: I think I am going to go for the Lobster and Truffle. 

Charleszetta: Oh! That sounds good. Are you ready to order?

TFM: Yeah! I’m good... So while we are waiting shall we get started?

Charleszetta: Sure!

TFM: So... Our first photoshoot with you is when you actually modeled with me in my Flow brand shots. I don’t often step in front of the camera as I am always looking for someone to really knock myself off.. and if you check under the table I don’t have any socks on tonight.

Charleszetta: [Laughs] Oh! Is that what I smell. [Laughs]

TFM: [Laughing] Oh! You got jokes huh?  [Still Laughing] 

Charleszetta: [Laughing] Well you walked right into that one. Pun intended.

But Yeah! That shoot came out good. I received lots of comments on them. People said we reminded them of P. Diddy and J. Lo if they would have ever did a photoshoot together. You should be a model.

TFM: I did a little back in the day. But think it’s best that I leave to you young bucks.

Charleszetta: You still got it?

TFM: I’d like to think so but duties call me elsewhere. So... the name. Charleszetta. How you come to know that name? That’s unique.

Charleszetta: You know... I don’t know? That is the name my parents gave me but I don’t my parents. I’m adopted.

TFM: Really? 

Charleszetta: Yes. But my friends call me Charlie. 

TFM: Really? So I guess that blows the next question out of the water.

Charleszetta: [Laughs] What’s that?

What’s your ethnic mix is. You just seem to be a very pleasant mix of everything nice. I can’t tell if you are Hispanic, Hispanic and Black, European or what? I mean some shots you look you got some Black in you and other sometimes you even look Asian. You even got like this Baby Doll face in some shots. Do you get those kind of comments a lot?

Charleszetta: Yeah... Here and there. But I don’t know what to tell them. But I like what you said... “A little mix of everything nice.”

TFM: No doubt. It’s true.

Charlezetta: Thank you. Your so sweet.

TFM: [Chees’n] Ahem... So uhhh... I can’t lie you gotta really nice figure. You work out?

Charleszetta: A little bit. But I have to say if my real parents left me with nothing else they left me with this face and this body. I guess they did something right!

TFM: [Nodding My Head] Yeah! I’d have to say they did. You do anything to keep what they left you? Like beauty tips and such?

Charleszetta: Not really. I mean I do just the usual maintenance stuff. Nothing extravagant. Be clean and fresh is about all I can say. I let God do the rest.

TFM: I am sure the readers will agree he’s doing a good job. [Laughing]

Do you have a feature of your body that you like the best?

Charleszetta: I don’t know... What do you think is my best feature?

TFM: That’s a hard call to make. Maybe your lips?

Charleszetta: Yeah... I like my lips too. They have kind of a nice curl to them that I like. 

TFM: So... How long have you been modeling for? 

Charleszetta: I’ve been modeling for about 5 years now. People always said I should model but you know most of the time it’s just guys so I just thought they were saying that to get in my panties. You know how guys are? So I never took it seriously?

TFM: So how did you start taking it more serious?

Charleszetta: Well as I got older and started settling down a bit more I started to develop some real cool friendships. Those girls were into modeling and were like you gotta good look. You should give it a try.

TFM: What have you done so far? 

Charleszetta: I’ve done some print and fashion shows and lots of promotional modeling. 

TFM: You enjoy it? 

Charlezetta: It’s cool. But unless something really big comes along I think I am gonna just focus on my education and career.

TFM: Marketing Right?

Charleszetta: [Laughs] Yeah! You remembered? [Laughs Again] Yah! I am thinking on either Sports or Entertainment marketing. I’ve met a few people in that industry and I think that will be the most fun.

TFM: [Nodding My Head]  Cool. Cool. Maybe you can come do some marketing for The Flow.

Charleszetta: [Laughs] Well you never know. If the price is right?

TFM: So what’s up the personal life?

Charleszetta: [Laughs] I’m single ready to mingle baby!

TFM: Is that right?

Charleszetta: You know this!!!... Man! [Laughing]

TFM: I thought you had a man for a long time.

Charleszetta: Yeah. I did but... I have to be honest. I was just bugging out all the time. Sometimes I would just go off on him about his baby’s mama accusing him of all kind of sh_t.

TFM: You think he was messing with his baby’s mama? 

Charleszetta: No, I don’t but sometimes I would just get insecure I guess. It was me. I know it was me until he said he couldn’t deal with it anymore.

TFM: Okay... Well you seem to be handling it in a mature fashion.

Charleszetta: Yeah... Well... It still bothered me but it’s on me you know.

TFM: Wow! Most females would blame the dude. Actually most people dudes included would not accept the blame like that. Well at least people know you ain’t know chicken head.

Charleszetta: [Laughs] Hell to the Naw! You are about to have me go off on you. 

TFM: Okay... Okay... So what kind of dude attracts your attention.

Charleszetta: Like most women say... I like confidence. A man that commands attention when he walks in the room even when he not saying anything. And this doesn’t matter what the dude looks like if he’s light skinned, dark skinned, black, white, mexican, tall or short. It’s just that certain something that tells people. “That’s somebody”! I think you have that type of quality. 

TFM: Really? Actually have heard that once or twice before but Thank you. I guess that’s a nice quality to hear.

Charleszetta: BUT... Let me be real with you. I have to say I’m most attracted to ball players. I like men that are in shape and ball players are certainly the tip top of THAT!

TFM: [Laughs] I used play First Base in little league. Does that count?

Charleszetta: No! [Laughing] Little league does not count [Still Laughing] You So Crazy.

TFM: So you know we’re all about Hip Hop at so we have to ask. What’s your take on this whole Hip Hop game. 

Charleszetta: I don’t know... I mean... I enjoy the music but I’m about getting this money and making a career for myself. I’m not really feeling the whole hanging out and going out every night just so you can front like you got it popping. To many people out here fronting like they made it but haven’t left they mama’s house or living in a raggedy apartment. I mean that’s cool if you working on a master plan or something. But if your just out here spending all your money on a Cool Whip and some clothes but can’t afford to move out, there’s something wrong with that. And I see too many old dudes trying to be like the young little dude trying to be a player going broke like he’s 19 but he’s actually 40. That’s the part about Hip Hop I don’t like...  [chucking] Ooops... I don’t know. Did I answer your question?

TFM: Not what I expected... But Real Talk... Nonetheless.

Charleszetta: Well that’s me... “Not What You Expected!” [Laughing]

TFM: [Laughing] Well here’s the food. Bon appetit.

Charleszetta: Good! Because I’m Starvin' like Marvin.

So that’s the interview with Charleszetta Baldwin. Let us know what your favorite feature of Charleszetta is only on



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