Lisa O

Slightly South of the 4th largest market San Francisco fashion scene an aspiring model and budding fashion star thumbing her way into the fashion industry. Not hitch hike thumbing but stitch by stitch. With an eye for fabric a nose for style and the legs for to carry her through the long journey this determined long legged fashionista is looking to "Sew Up the Game". Lisa Olivera affectionally named by The Flow, Lisa-O also known as Olivia. 

Get a peak into Lisa's world as The Flow manages to slow her down at her debut fashion show just long enough to make a bit of conversation.  


TFM: Hey Lisa. You were kill'n it at that last fashion show I caught you at. Did you see us peeping you out? Hahaha!


Lisa: Thank you. It was my first show so I really didn't see anyone. I was so nervous, with all the cameras flashing and

making sure I did not fall. [Laughing]



TFM: sometimes you look, Black, sometimes Hispanic, and even Indian. I'm digging that. What is your cultural background?



Lisa: My cultural background is mixed. I am adopted so I do not know my biological parents therefore I do not know my background. I am from California, the bay area to be specific, and I am american. I feel those things have the heaviest impact on what makes me, Me.


TFM: Rep that Bay! I can't argue with that and a lot of our Bay members will appreciate your allegiance as well.


TFM: I have to say you have some killer calves. What's your secret?


Lisa: I am a current Track and Field/ XC runner at a school in North Dakota so those killer calves come from killer workouts. Running mainly but lifting and jumping too.


TFM: You mentioned you ran track back in the day. Do you have a scholarship or something?


Lisa: Yes. I do the heptathlon, which is 7 events over two days and Pole Vaulting. The Hep consists of 100 meter Hurdles, High Jump, 200 meter dash and Shot put, Then day two, is Long Jump, Javelin and the 800m


TFM: Daaaayaaammm! I didn't realize the heptathlon was so intense. If you're going to run that race you have no choice but to be in tip top shape. You must have hellllla endurance. 


Lisa: [Laughing] Yah. I have a bit.


TFM: Are you looking forward to advancing your athletic career? Olympics maybe?


Lisa: [Laughing] No I don't think the Olympics are in my cards however I do know of a female athlete, Kim Kilgroe, who is hoping to compete in London in The Worlds Championship games so all my support and love for the games goes out to her.


TFM: Okay! Shout out to Kim. We'll be looking for you in London. Represent.




TFM: So... How long have you been modeling for?


Lisa: I started modeling seriously this summer I am learning something new every day.


TFM: Wow! You're really fresh to the game then. What else have you been doing besides modeling? Is it a full time gig for you or do you do it on the side?


Lisa: I am a fashion designer along with my regular jobs as a Brand Ambassador and Blogger for a Family run company in Cupertino.


TFM: Fashion Designer? Brand Ambassador? Blogger? Wow! You're really a new millenium rennaissance woman. I'm impressed. 


Lisa: Yeah! But my number one goal is to become a world renowned Fashion Designer


TFM: Okay. How did you get started in fashion design? 


Lisa: Actually I started drawing clothing designs in the third grade at my after school program. I have always liked drawing and It was just something I did. I love the idea of taking something familiar and constructing it in a way that emphasizes things that normally goes to the way side ( buttons, sleeves...)


TFM: Cool. Cool. Do you like to hang out? Party? Describe a perfect night on the town for you.


Lisa: My perfect night would consist of coming home from a shoot or a gig where I made some money, taking a nap, waking up at like 8-9pm-ish grabbing a bite to eat, Get a text from my girl friends telling me about a party or club, meet up with them, get ready, head off to the club around 1030-11. Dancing is a MUST. Trying a couple new/different drinks, Dance some more, meet new people, smiles all around, possibly go out to eat with some new friends and the girls I went out with and then go home.




TFM: Do you have any hobbies you enjoy?


Lisa: I like to eat.. and cook. Run/ be active (hike, bike, pick up games) and of course Sew and Sketch.


TFM: Cook? Oh! Yah! I am still waiting on that soup you promised me. [Laughing]... and sketch... that's cool. As you know The Flow Online is all about Hip Hop. Do you like Hop Hop



Lisa: Yes, I would have to say I like Alicia Keys, Lil Wayne, Rhianna, the Fugees, The Beastie Boys and Missy Elliott to name a few. 


TFM: That's a healthy little few there. Who would say is the greatest Female Hip Hop artist of all time?


Lisa: That is tough one. Many Female Hip Hop artist have to compete in a male dominated genre But a few that come to mind is Missy Elliott, Lil Kim and Queen Latifah for staying true to themselves and making genuine music


TFM: "True to themselves." Okay. I see you gotta little Hip Hop knowledge in you. I didn't expect that from someone who also likes country music. [Laughing] You didn't think I remember that did you? It's all good though. [Laughing]


TFM: You know when I look at your photos I can't front. I have to say I
like that classy sensuality about you. You have a look of a classic model. What would you say your favorite attributes are?


Lisa: I would probably have to say my Legs and my Butt. As a runner they are both important.


TFM: Really. Your butt? Okay! I ain't mad at that!. Maybe before you go you can show us what your working with! [Laughing]  On another note... with every model we like to ask that they share a favorite beauty secret. Do you have any you would like to share?


Lisa: Drink WATER! and Get a good nights rest.


TFM: Water huh? Yep. I try to keep a bottle near me when ever I think about it too.If you were to describe the physical features of the perfect man for you what would they be?


Lisa: He would be tall. Physically fit. beautiful eyes, and a nice smile


TFM: Do you have a boyfriend now?


Lisa: No I don't


TFM: Okay... I am sure the fellas will stop iining up now then. [Laughing] Before we sign off do you have any advice that you would like to pass on to any girls coming up in the modeling game?


Lisa: You never know who you are working with, so always represent yourself with class and charisma. Everyone is a potential business partner or client.


TFM: Before you actually do sign-off, I just want to draw everyone's attention to the last dress you posed with in this article. The Flow gave you a task of creating a dress that you thought represented Hip Hop. We asked you to do whatever vision came to your mind and we are happy with what you came up with. For our readers out there... the dress is named "For the Love of Hip Hop" and we love it. Sign and and tell us what you think of it.


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