Jessica Ruiz

We pride ourselves here at for discovering fresh faces and unearthing new talent. We were early to jump on board with new faces that turned into the new hot face of the industry with likes of Jessica Maximus, Vida Guerra, and KD Aubert. Some credit us for giving them there first real exposure or riding with them from the very beginning. Either way has a track record for putting models on the map and we think we may have find another hot little gem for you. We caught up to her as she was getting ready for a big night on the town so now we introduce to you Jessica Ruiz. Get Ready!!!!


TFM: What's up Jessica. The Flow noticed your fresh face and well trimmed physique at a Bay Area Fashion show. You are a cute petite little thing aren't you. What has your experience been on the runway?


Jessica: My experience has been amazing! Runway modeling has made me become more open as a person and not so shy, I tend to be shy. it has also allowed me to have more self confidence in my presentation.

TFM: How long have you been modeling?

Jessica: Um... I've started off my modeling career 8 months ago as a branded model for Spazio.

TFM: Spazio?

 Jessica: Yeah! It's a fashionable women's store.

TFM: Oh! Okay! I'm not up on that. Ima have to step my game up.

 Jessica: You need to. I'm putting you up game. [Laughing]

TFM: So how did that work out for you?

Jessica: The shoot went really good as it being my first time. I enjoyed it a lot. The clothes are  elegant clothing for special events really stylish & dressy. I love them.

TFM: Tell us about your first experience in the entertainment industry.

Jessica: My very first time in the entertainment industry was being scouted by Stevn De Lozada CEO/President of That Look Models.

TFM: Oh Yeah! How did that work out for you?

Jessica: That worked out for me really well for me too because it helped me get my modeling where I am today.

TFM: What was your experience with The Flow?

 Jessica: My experience with The Flow is amazing! I'm really honored to have been able to do a photo shoot with The Flow, and I'm looking forward in having many more!

TFM: Is modeling a full time endeavor for you or do you have other endeavors?

Jessica: Modeling is just one of my endeavors however,one day I wish to have my own fashion line or work for a successful brand.

TFM: What do you have in store for 2013 regarding your modeling career?

Jessica: Well I'm hoping to further my modeling career to where I can travel to do fashion shows and photo shoots around the world and expand in the fashion industry.

TFM: Oh! Really! Name some places you would like to go?

 Jessica: Oh! I'd love to go to  FRANCE, NEW YORK, MEXICO, FLORIDA, and HAWAII


TFM: What type of work would you like to get into?

 Jessica: The type of work I would love to get into would be working with fashion, or work in the model industry.

TFM: What would you say you needed to work on regarding your modeling career?

Jessica: The two things I have to say I need to work on regarding my modeling career would be not being so shy in front of the camera and work a little more on my facial expressions.

TFM: What other talents would you say you have regarding your modeling?

Jessica: My other talents regarding my modeling would be my walk and hand placements. I've worked so hard and practice late nights to perfect them.

TFM: Since Hip Hop is the main focus of what would you say is the most interesting part of Hip Hop culture?

 Jessica: To me the most interesting part about Hip Hop culture would be the heart and soul of the music and the art behind the lyrics.

TFM: Who is your favorite Hip Hop artist?


Jessica: That's easy! Drake!

TFM: Hmmmm. Why Drake?

 Jessica: I love drake because I can relate to some of his songs and his songs are just incredible to listen to.

TFM: What is your favorite movie?


Jessica: My all time favorite movie would be Burlesque.


TFM: Yeah. I like that movie too. What is it about that movie that makes you like it so much?


Jessica: The best thing I love Burlesque is all the amazing choreography in the video and of course because Christina Aguilera is such a wonderful singer.

TFM: Christina Aguilera! That's my Baby-Momma right there. She can sing me til the morning comes if she want to and I wouldn't be mad it! That girl can sang! Not sing but saaahng!!!... You hear me?... and she look good. [Laughing] Don't get me started!

TFM: So uhhhh... moving right along... What is your fantasy car?

Jessica: My fantasy car would be a Mercedes Benz G-Class AMG.

TFM: Niiiccce... I can seeing you rolling in that with you little gangsta lean popp'n off. [Laughing]

TFM: So with every hot model we feature here on the Flow we wouldn't do our readers justice if we didn't ask what your status is. Do you have a boyfriend?

 Jessica: My status is, I'm Engaged to a fabulous man! [Smiles]

TFM: Boooooo... You just killed the article for a whole bunch a cats now. [Laughing] Just kidding. I'm sure that won't stop fools from looking.  [Laughing]

TFM: So you mentioned that you were browsing through the site and you actually found a video that you liked.

 Jessica: Yeah! I found a video that my Fiance used to sing to me before we started dating.

TFM: Oh Yeah! Which one?

 Jessica:Mike Dash "Get Up On It"

TFM: Really?

Jessica: Yeah! I never saw the video for it though. So I saw that for the first time right here on The Flow.

TFM: That's tight! Well you know we all about Hip Hop and finding those little Hip Hop gems on youtube and hidden in other places so people can find everything that's hot all in one place.

Jessica: Well, I found that one here!

TFM: That's trip though that your Fiance used to sing that song.

Jessica: Yeah!

TFM: So if people want to check that out they can do so by clicking right here.

Jessica: Cool. I love that song... AND the video.

TFM: Oh! I almost forgot! What would you say is the most noticeable part of your body is?

Jessica: I dont think I have a noticeable part of my body, besides that I'm so petite.

TFM: Well what would your fiance say it is.

Jessica: Well he says it's my breast.

TFM: Okaaay... Well without being disrespectful I have to kinda agree with the man. Although I think you have a nice package all the way around. [Smiles]

Jessica: Well, thank you.

TFM: So... before we sign off... We'd like to get some parting words from you to encourage other models that might be sitting at home thinking they have a cute look about themselves and might want to try to get in the modeling game. Maybe share some successes or even a mistake you learned from so other people can learn from it too.

Jessica: Well... One of the mistakes that I experienced in the industry was giving up an awesome opportunity to do a commercial for GAP as a child because those opportunities come once in a lifetime, and when you have an opportunity that amazing, grab it with both hands and see where that takes you. 





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