Ceca Stankovic

Ceca Stankovic: Training Day!
By Matthew Shack



Physical Fitness is serious business.  

But you can do business very seriously, if you look like Ceca Stankovic. 


The world renown, TTS Certified International Personal Fitness Trainer/Bikini & Fitness Model Athlete has only been on the West Coast for two years but it seems more like twenty-two, due to her sudden impact.


As a Personal Fitness Trainer of 14 years over Europe, Ceca’s supurb athleticism stemmed from various sports as a child to the handball national team-juniors team in Serbia to the love of personal fitness at the age of 15.



Now, it’s on to the Bikini World Championships in Las Vegas in August to take her career to the next level.



TFO: First of all, what is your nationality?


Ceca: I am Serbian, European.




You are a Top-Level fitness model. Why it is so important for people to stay in shape? 





Ceca: For me Fitness is a lifestyle and that’s how people should approach it. It’s really important for overall health, what some people don't know it is hard work but it's also fun and after every workout your endorphins are released so you feeling happy not to mention looking great and staying healthy. To be honest if you doing it right with a help of professional trainer you would be able to sculpt your body perfect and by putting on some muscles on your immunity will rise. Hard work does pays off.


What is your height and measurements?




Ceca:  I am 5'8 and m measurements are bust: 39.3,  waist: 25 inches,  hips: 38.5.



How important is nutrition in keeping your body in tip-top condition?


  Nutrition is very important, everyone needs certain ingredients daily to keep up proper body function, and we all need certain amount of protein, healthy fats and right type of carbs. Protein is crucial for the body and it builds muscle and muscle burns fat. More protein don’t make you bigger it make you leaner.

Everybody's diet is different and is adjusted to your needs and desires ranging from bikini type, athletic, lean or muscular. Training is really important for health, many people pick up a line that nutrition is 80% of the looks, I disagree. That can be used in our sport (which is extreme working out for many years) and you already have certain amount of muscle mass and you want to get ripped but you still working out 2-3 times a day 5-6 times a week, which average person doesn’t do! All this stands for healthy individuals working out creatively without any medical conditions!

TFO: For those women want to get back into the gym, what tips can suggest to them to begin to lose weight?


Ceca:  For women trying to go back to gym, I would suggest start light/medium circuit workout starting 1-2 sets of two exercises for each body part equally. Doing warm up indoor cardio (any cardio machine) of 8 minutes and finishing with light cardio 8-10 minutes at the end. It’s important to keep intensity light/medium first 2-3 weeks until your body is ready for serious workouts ,where you can split cardio from weights 3 times a week/gym and 2 times /week cardio.

It is really important to do every body part in gym not just abs and cardio (it won’t take you anywhere) and never skip weights. Keep your reps 10-15 and 60-90 seconds brake in between sets. Like I already said, everyone’s body is different and their fitness program needs to be customized. If you can, hire a Personal Trainer. If not, ask gym employees to help you start. This also stands for healthy individuals, too.



What's next for your fitness modeling career? 


Ceca: I am more focused on Fitness Modeling the last couple of years and my next highlight will be upcoming competition Bikini Model World Championships in Las Vegas in August. Cross your fingers for me!




TFO:  Where do you see yourself in the near future?



Ceca: I recently moved to the US. I have long career in Europe in Competition, TV Fitness shows, Magazines, and Fitness wear shows. My goal in future is to let know people in US know more about me and have hopefully have the same success here. 

Tell us one of your "patented" beauty secrets.



Ceca: I will make it simple and fitness based. Before breakfast, make yourself a protein shake to start up your day healthy and happy: Berries and Cream Shake: 1 scoop of your favorite vanilla protein shake, 1 scoop of ice, 1 small can of pineapple juice (cooked with boiling water) 1 handful of mixed berries. Enjoy!


 What is your best physical feature?



I would say my legs but as far as being in competition shape,  my best feature would be my gluts!



TFO:  How can a person get next to you, romantically? 


Ceca: To be honest, I did dated one of the most desirable men worldwide and the way to get to my heart would be someone normal, real, humble and successful. But I am happily in love for two years, now. 




TFO:  What’s the worst pick-up line ever attempted on you?


Ceca: I will stick to a gym situation in this one as well; there are a lot of crazy pick up lines that I’m not going to tell you. But the worst one, I will tell you. Which one annoys me the most? "How much do you bench press?" I am a nice person but on this one, I would just roll my eyes and ask them to leave. It's not even my sport!



TFO:  What advice would you give to all of those aspiring models out there trying to follow in your footsteps? 

Ceca: First of all believe in yourself don't listen what people tell you and make sure you always doing your best in every segment of you. Never give up. It’s the way to success!



Check out Ceca at: www.ceca-stankovic.com and on Instagram @cecafitness

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