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So... By now you may know that is always in search of talent of all sorts especially model talent that share our love for Hip Hop lifestyle. You also know that we believe Hip Hop and Hip Hop lifestyle is loved by all walks of life that fit no particular mold. White, Black,  and Asian ethnicities can be all bound together under one Hip Hop nation. In our travels we came across one chiseled jeweled that is sure to take the scene by storm. We were so impressed by her strong features that we even offered to take her under our wing. Little did we know she was all ready to fly and took flight with little to no help from us. We are impressed as she exemplifies that hustle mentality that promotes. As anyone with any amount of success in Hip Hop knows... You can't be Hip Hop without hustle. So without further ado we introduce Morgan Miller but we like to call "Morgie Fresh".

TFM: So Morgan... I understand that you got your degree not too long ago. 

Morgan: Yah, I currently have my Bachelor's degree in Child Development with a minor in Psychology. 

TFM: What was that in and what career are you looking at? 

Morgan: I am a preschool teacher and am looking to become the Director/Owner of my own preschool some day. 

TFM: Morgan... I like that name... very sophisticated. is there any story behind it? 

Morgan: My mom first heard of the name while watching Morgan Fairchild on an old television show. She fell in love with the name and decided it would be perfect for me. 

TFM: Yeah. That is who I think of when I hear your name. She was very classy and sophisticated. It fits you well.

Morgan: Thank you.

TFM: I heard you have a nick name too. What is it? 

Morgan: My parents and a few of my close friends call me Morgie. 

TFM: Who gave it to you and how did it come about?

Morgan: This nickname has been around for years, and I believe my mom was the first to call me it. My Ex used to call me Morgie Fresh. I guess there are some people that like that name too. I won't name names. [Laughing]

TFM: It think there ARE some people that like that too. Yeah... And we won't say any names [Laughing]  

TFM: So... Morgan... Where are you from? Tell the people what city you represent.

Morgan: I'm from the small town of Escalon, CA. 

TFM: Escalon? Where's that? 

Morgan: It's a small town about two hours East of the San Francisco Bay Area

TFM: Okay... Okay... So The Flow spotted you at a fashion show in the Bay. Do you remember that show? 

Morgan: Yes I do. [With Emphasis]

TFM: What were feeling like that day? 

Morgan: I just remember feeling really excited and anxious to get out on the stage!

TFM: And you blew it up... I might add. [Laughing] But I guess that's why we're here.

Morgan: I know right? 

TFM: How did you get started in modeling? 

Morgan: I got started in modeling about six years ago. I decided to just give it a shot and learn all I could beginning with John Robert Powers in Sacramento, CA. 

TFM: Did you always want to model? 

Morgan: I've always looked at models in admiration but never thought in a million years that I'd have my own website and be on magazines and book covers. 

TFM: When we met you had blonde hair. What sparked the change? 

Morgan: I had blonde hair for years but brunette is my natural color so I wanted to go back to my roots. 

TFM: How did you feel about making it? 

Morgan: I'm very pleased with the work that I've gotten with brown hair, so I guess I made a good decision!

TFM: I've peeped your shots since the change and I must say you wear it well. How do you feel about it? 

Morgan: I personally like my hair better brunette, but I do occasionally miss the blonde though. 

TFM: You look like you keep in awesome shape. Do you are did you ever play any sports? 

Morgan: I don't right now but I've done numerous sports growing up including softball, basketball, cheerleading, and track. 

TFM: What? Track? You got basketball skills? Okay... Oh! and Track Skills? I might have to meet you on the track on day. You know your boy has skills. [Laughing]

Morgan: Okay... We can do that. [Laughing]

TFM: So you like sports?

Morgan: Yah... I like all kinds of sports but football is my favorite and I absolutely love the 49ers.

TFM: Yeah... the Bay is kind of turning into a sports powerhouse. You got the Niners going to the Superbowl and a heavy favorite to win it all next year. You have the World Series Champs San Francisco Giants. You have the Sharks that are almost always in the playoffs and even your basketball team, The Golden State Warriors are in the hunt. For that reason we decided it to be fitting that we feature a shoot that highlighted two of the Bay Area's most noteable teams.

Morgan: Yah it's a good time to be a sports fan in the Bay for sure.

TFM: So... with all this sports activity going on around you... Do you work out? 

Morgan: Yes I try to work out at least three to four times a week, more if I have the time. 

TFM: What is a common workout regimine for you? 

Morgan: I typically start out with 10-15 minutes of cardio, do some abs, then work on my designated muscle group for the day. 

TFM: I have to say I'm most drawn to your eyes and the chiseled features of your face. Strong but still sexy and feminine. Do you have a favorite facial feature or part of your physique? 

Morgan: My high cheek bones are one of my favorite features. I think they give me a strong look and set me apart from other models (or women in general). 

TFM: I have to agree with that. What do other guys think is your best features? 

Morgan: I always get told I should smile more, so I'd have to say my smile. 

TFM: They're right. I can't disagree with that either. So... what are you measurements? 

Morgan: 34C-24-34

TFM: Yah. That's a respectable set of numbers there. So Uhhh... We know it can be tough in this modeling game. Name one of the toughest moments you have encountered while modeling. 

Morgan: There's been times where I've auditioned or submitted for jobs and have been turned down, lowering my self-esteem a little bit. 

TFM: How did you come back from it? 

Morgan: I would just remind myself that there's plenty more opportunities out there and maybe I'll find something even bigger and better. 

TFM: That's a good way to keep yourself up... And you got to keep yourself up if you are going to be in this game or any game for that matter....I see you like to get out and about and know you just took a vacation. Where was that too? 

Morgan: My latest vacation was on a cruise to Puerto Vallarta and Cabo San Lucas, Mexico for New Years.

TFM: What was a favorite moment there? 

Morgan: Ziplining through the jungle in Puerto Vallarta was definitely a highlight of the trip!

TFM: When you do get out how would your friends decribe you... The life of the party... or Chill and Mellow... 

Morgan: I'm most known to be the chill and mellow one when I go out. I'm a very observant person so I look to just sit back and take in what's going on around me. 

TFM: When given the chance I find myself falling back too just people watching. That's cool. When you get out a girl with looks like yours is sure to get approached all the time but we know not every guy turns a girl on so what would you say is your biggest turn off. 

Morgan: Cockiness is a big turn off for me. It's okay to be confident in your looks and abilities but having an attitude that you're better than everyone else is not a very attractive characteristic. 

TFM: Okay. So... What's your biggest turn on. 

Morgan: Humor. I love a guy that can make me laugh and lighten the mood!

TFM: Okay. So you like a Funny Kevin Hart type cat huh? [Laughing] So... If this funny guy did catch your eye enough to get a first date describe what would make it perfect for you. 

Morgan: Something active. I like when a guy can be a little more creative than just your average dinner and a movie. 

TFM: What's wrong with the movies? 

Morgan: Nothing is wrong with the movies. You just said what would make it "Perfect" [Laughing]

TFM: Okay... Okay... Because I'm at the movies all the time... I'm just say'n... [Laughing]

So... You know here at 'The Flow' we are all about Hip Hop culture so we now need to get into your Hip Hop business... if you know what I mean. [Sneaky Smile] Nah I'm just play'n but uhhhh... Who would you say is your favorite artist in Hip Hop and why? 

Morgan: I don't necessarily have a favorite artist in Hip Hop. I like everything from old school rap to good ol' slow jams and bay area hip hop...basically anything I can dance to. But I can say what has caught my ear lately. I love that song "When I was your Man" by Bruno Mars. 'Bad' by Wale and Juicy J 'ShowOut'.

TFM: We also like to support our own Hip Hop artist community so what would you say you favorite FlowTV video is. and why?


Morgan: Wow there's lots of videos to choose from! One that I enjoyed watching was the Hangover Part 3 Trailer. I think the Hangover is hilarious and I can't wait to see the Hangover 3. 

TFM: Before we wrap this article up we like to try to uplift our readers. What advice or encouragement would you offer to any aspiring models out there looking to get as far as you have? 

Morgan: To stay true to who you are and don't get defeated just because one person may not think you are right for their project.

TFM: I am sure people are always telling you how beautiful you are. Does it ever get old to you? 

Morgan: I don't think it gets old. It's always nice to be given a compliment every once in a while. 


So that wraps up our interview with your adored 'Morgie Fresh'. You are sure to see more of her as she is a crowd favorite on and If you want to see more of her you can visit her website or friend her on Facebook. 



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