Holly Daniels

Holly Daniels:
The Return of Our Babygirl

Story and Interview By Matthew Shack


It is very seldom that any person or entity in the modeling industry can truly say, “We have discovered a star.”  

Holly Daniels is a star and The Flow Online discovered her.

Flashback to 2006, I received an email along with some very impressive pictures from
an up-and-coming model from Austin, Texas who happened to be absolutely beautiful.

But like Rick James said, “She was only 17.” So, I told her to hit us back when she was legal.



She did and at age 18, Holly was our October, 2007 “FACE OF THE FLOW”.



Now at 23, Holly has worked with many companies, radio stations, television shows and modeling agencies. 


Endorsements include: Core DJs/Models, Spate Radio, HiDef Auto Detail, more recently and TX Power House TV


Cameos in numerous music videos, SlaughterHouse, Chalie Boy, Lil Flip, Bun B, Lil Keke, ZRo and ESG.  

She has also done work that has been viewed on TV Networks: TNT, SPIKE TV, ABC, MTV, BET, and worked on Sin City 2-The Movie.  

Promotional Modeling for AKOO (T.I's clothing line), Nuvo, Billionaire Mafia Clothing, Interscope Records, HiDef Auto Detail, Fender, Texas Heatwave and others.  


Holly was also and S.E.A. NOMINEE (2010 & 2011) and Fushion Magazine’s Winner of



Over the years, Holly and I have always stayed in close contact by checking in with each other every now and again.



She is not only a FLOW alum.. she’s FLOW family.


And for this BIG issue, we had to bring OUR girl, Holly Daniels back home to where she got her start.






Tell us how it’s been for you the last five years as a professional model. You really seem to be smashing the game right now, Holly.


Holly:The last five years have been an experience of a lifetime. I have been perfecting my craft as a model so that I have the ability of advancing in my career rather than staying idle in the same position. I have even crossed over into acting. I have done work on Television Networks such as ABC (The Lying Game), TNT (Trooper) , SPIKE TV (InkMasters). I have been in videos that made it to MTV & BET. As well as, non speaking role in the movie, SIN CITY 2 which is scheduled to hit movie theaters in October 2013. I have also been doing more in the Promotions Dept with liquor companies, AKOO and spokes model for HiDef Auto Detail. Smashing the game? I would say I am taking advantage of every opportunity placed in front of me.


TFO: What is the biggest adjustment been for you and is being a model as glamorous as you make it look?


Holly: In all honesty, this industry is very hard if you’re going about it the right way and being professional!The biggest adjustment for me was letting go of A LOT of people in my life that were not really motivating or supporting me in my dream. With removing people from your life, the first thing they start saying is you've changed or you've got a little shine and got stuck up. My adjustments had nothing to do with me being stuck up just my own personal growth. As a person I have not changed who I am but I have mentally got stronger because in this industry you have to have tough skin, work hard 24/7 one day you take a break your sure to get left behind. It’s a very fast industry and things can make or break you so its in your best interest to surround yourself with people with the same drive you have and that are for you and not against you. With that being said HELL NO this industry is not glamorous at all..I have just learned along the years how to block the negative and maintain my smile. Because it definitely makes the haters mad when they can’t get to you.


TFO: Tell us about some of the places that you’ve been to for photo shoots.  Are there any exotic locations in the near future?


Holly: Well, there are not many locations..right now that I have been to other than like Houston, Dallas, Austin, Miami, Las Vegas, and New York, however I do want to go to a beautiful place like the Bahamas or Jamaica and do a HOT Beach Shoot.


TFO: You are like a little sister to us and we love you very much. The Flow is very proud of your accomplishments. How does it feel to be working with us again?


Holly: Aww, that means a lot to me and I love you guys, too. Working with The Flow Online again is an amazing feeling to me for many reasons. I mean, thiswas the first magazine that gave me exposure and put my name out there so to get the opportunity was beyond amazing!Then on top of the opportunity for exposure, I was the first ever youngest model you allowed to be in your magazine to any model starting out that’s like a confidence booster. I always told you from my first interview I would not let you down for giving me the opportunity and I would like to think I have made you all proud in growing and taking the exposure and using it to go further in my career.


TFO: When we last featured you on ’07, your measurements 36-24-40 and you were 5’5 in height. What are you now?


Holly: Well right now I am 38-25-43 and I am still 5'5 not much of a difference it seems when looking at the measurements but clearly there is a huge difference. [Laughs]


TFO: Would you say that you are thicker now or just shapelier?


Holly: I would say I am thicker now but in all the right places. Many changes from that young lady you first interviewed. I am a young woman now [Laughs] so I have more voluptuous curves and somehow I managed to keep the small waist.


TFO: What do you have exciting coming down the road in regard to your career?


Holly:  I have several photo shoots lined up because as a model you must always make sure your pictures can stay ahead of the game. I also have submitted for other small movie rolls and TV castings. You can check me out at www.hollydaniels.com to keep up with anything I have coming up. And follow me on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram : COREMODELHIDEF 


TFO: What type of professional advice can now give those aspiring models out there trying to break into the business?


The first  piece of advice is don’t trust and believe every person that says they can help you. There are a lot of people that can help you but there are just as many with fake profiles that will get you caught up or take advantage of you. If you are completely sure that modeling is something you want to do please do your research on the different types of modeling and make sure you select something you can handle and have totally confidence in doing. Don’t listen to anything negative! People will always try to break you. Stand strong and give your all in doing what makes you happy. 



TFO: Now, you know I’m going to call you, right?


Holly: Don't get me started, Matthew. [Laughing]



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