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Our last model reigned from down south Atlanta but migrated to the allure of Fortune and fame in Los Angeles. This model that we present to you today migrated from the Chinese province as a young child and made a home in the tech saavy stomping grounds of Silicon Valley.

Not usually recalled as a home for urban lifestyle, the Silicon Valley, with it’s top notch concert venues, as part of the greater Bay Area, home to multiple playoff, World Series and SuperBowl Champions, does entertain some of the entertainment industries elite on a regular basis. With that said, it’s also a persified cultural mix including American Born Chinese (ABCs) with exotic eyes and curves like a sistah.

This week we water your vision with the sweet eye candy of Rose Tse. But Rose is not just looks. She is a taste of Sass and Class with artistic talent to boot. Not a singer… Not a dancer… Not a Rapper but a “Pencil to Paper” artist. However, in this case this artists preferred medium is airbrush body art.

I met Rose at one of the many fashion shows I attend in the Bay Area looking for new fresh faces and at 5’9” (in heels) with curves to keep the most wandering of eyes well focused. She is a sight to behold. Here are some excerpts from our many conversations.


TFM: So Rose, You’re modeling, you’re body art airbrushing… What is your ultimate goal or aspiration? Is it modeling or is it art?




Rose: Well, I definitely love my art. I get so into it and it brings me a lot of peace and tranquility, you know. But I love modeling too. First off, I’d like to become a feature Hot Import model.



TFM: Yeah, I definitely think you have the look for that.




Rose: But I don’t want to be just another Hot Import model. I want to be a featured model. But I still don’t want to be typecast into that either. I’ve talked to a few agencies and they say I have a look that can crossover into more opportunities so I am definitely working toward doing that on the bigger scale.




TFM: So what about the artwork you do? The work is very cool.




Rose: Thank you. I’ve been drawing and airbrushing for a while now. I actually even had a job at the big Paramount here in the San Francisco Bay Area doing airbrush work.



TFM: Oh! I see. Then you spun that into your body art work?




Rose: Yeah! I was being asked to be in fashion shows all the time but I didn’t just want to be a model. I saw an opportunity to express myself through my art at these fashion shows and so far I’ve been asked back a several times. It’s a lot of work but when I see the end result I feel like it’s well worth it.


TFM: Your artwork was the inspiration for the photoshoot. I think it really came together well too. So what’s up with this Wale video “Bad”? At the time of this article your over 100,000 views. I think you will hit a million for sure.


Rose:  You promised me 10,000 views. I knew you could do it… but now it’s 100,000. It’s crazy because it wasn’t mean to be any kind of video. You just shot me for a few seconds and came up with this.



TFM: We had this idea to do a model video mash-up with a popular artist and music videos. You seemed perfect to do something like that with and the footage seemed perfect for that song. So we put it together and look what happened? People are definitely getting a glimpse of who Rose Tse is. That’s for sure.


Well if people like the last one then they will surely like this next one titled. “Rock the Bells”


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