Erica Smith

Erica Smith - Mocha Delight

Erica Smith has been down with The Flow almost from it's inception.

She has participated in our fashion shows, photoshoots and much much more.

She also appeared in print ads through the famed Carole H. Williams Advertising Agency for Coors Light as well.

There's not much else to say other than "Go Girl!"


While still in her 20s Erica is quite an accomplished young lady. She lives in Hayward California where she just bought my second house, and the car she's always wanted.


TFM: Wow! Your off to a great start  on your life. What's next?


Erica: I am getting ready to go on my 3rd European vacation.


TFM: Your third!?!?! I haven't done one yet?


Erica: Hahaha! Well you need to get out more?


TFM: So what's up with the modeling 


Erica: In my modeling career, I've had lots of fun! I've been featured as the "Jet Beauty of the Week" and have done various commercials and print jobs for companies like Bank of America and Coors Light.


TFM: That's a good look right there. So what do you do for fun


Erica: My hobbies are kickboxing, modeling, traveling and reading.






TFM: Seems like life has just been handed to you in a pink ribbon. Do you or have you had any challenges along the way?


Erica: I'm looking forward to being independently wealthy within the next 5 years ...that'll be a challenge for sure!! 


TFM: That's a good look, too? With all that going on I know the fellas and maybe even a few ladies are wondering who or what your ideal mate is?


EricaMy ideal mate is caring, sensitive, fun and makes me feel like #1 ALL THE TIME, without any second guesses! 


TFM: Well I guess that settles that! So that's our girl E. Smith. Truly Delightful




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