Netflix update: Movies coming in September

Netflix update: Movies coming in September
Netflix is a great way to pass your weekends in a relaxed mode. Since it has a plethora of options to provide to each and every person, no matter when your preferred genre is, it always has something or the other to interest you. Considering this time of year, the pandemic has kept trapped in four walls, and while there is no way we can go out, Netflix shows are a great way to feel that you are back to the real world, again. Here's what (movies and shows) this platform is dropping this month: 
1- Anaconda
2- Adrift
3- Back to the Future trilogy
4- Borgen
5- Children of the sea
6- Barbie princess adventure
7- Due Date
8- Glory
9- Heidi
10- Magic Mike
11- Erased
12- Grease
13- Red Dragon
14- Sister sister
15- Residue
16- The Muppets
17- Pineapple express
18- The promised neverland
19- The producers
20- Not another teen movie
And while these are only a few options you will have to try your binge-watch luck on, there are plenty more that this month is bringing for you to enjoy. Keep in touch with us at Flow Online to acquire details on the same with the upcoming articles. 
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