Half Past Dead

Sascha Petrosevitch (
Steven Seagal) is a car thief who's brought in by criminal Nick Frazier (Jeffrey "Ja Rule" Atkins) to work for crime boss Sonny Eckvall (Richard Bremmer), who apparently shot and killed Sascha's wife.


FBI Special Agent Ellen "E. Z." Williams (Claudia Christian) and her team show up to nail Nick, but things go bad, and Sascha gets shot.

After eight months of recovery following his brief bout of being clinically dead from the shooting, Sascha is incarcerated along with Nick in the newly reopened Alcatraz prison.

Sascha Petrosevitch (Steven Seagal) and Nick Frazier (Ja Rule).

Run by the charismatic warden, Juan Ruiz "El Fuego" Escarzaga (
Tony Plana), the place is known for its new state of the art death chamber where the condemned can choose from five different ways to die—lethal injection, gas chamber, hanging, firing squad, or electric chair.

Lester McKenna (
Bruce Weitz) is the first prisoner scheduled to be executed. An older man, he stole $200,000,000 worth of gold bricks in a heist that resulted in five deaths.

Federal Bureau of Prisons head Frank Hubbard (
Stephen J. Cannell) and Supreme Court Justice June McPherson (Linda Thorson) have arrived to witness the execution, which is a result of June sentencing Lester.

But she's not the only one interested in Lester. A small but well-equipped team of terrorists who call themselves the "49ers" have parachuted onto the island, and gained control of it.

Led by 49er One, a.k.a. Hubbard's assistant Donny Johnson (
Morris Chestnut), and 49er Six (Nia Peeples), the team finds Lester, and they want him to give up the location of his hidden stash of gold.

When Lester will not tell them, Donny shoots a nearby priest (Eva-Maria Schönecker) and threatens to kill others if the information is not delivered.

Donny's plan is disrupted, however, when Sascha decides to step in and fight back. It turns out that Sascha is actually an undercover FBI agent who has been trying to use Nick to get to Sonny Eckvall.

When Sascha rescues Lester, the 49ers strap June to the electric chair and threaten to kill her, all while Ellen and her team prepare a rescue plan from the mainland.

Escape From Alcatraz (1979)

Frank Morris
 is sent to the prison on Alcatraz.

There, he meets his old friends, brothers 
John and Clarence Anglin, and also makes the acquaintance of the prisoner in the cell next to his, Charlie Butts.

After a series of negative experiences involving the warden of Alcatraz, Morris decides to escape and persuades the other three men to join him. The inmates dig through the walls of their cells with spoons, make 
papier-mâché dummies to act as decoys, and construct a raft out of raincoats.

On the night of their escape, Butts gets frightened and does not go with the others. Morris and the Anglin brothers make it out of the prison and paddle their raft towards 
Angel Island, never to be seen again. Still, there is some hint at the end of the film that they made it to shore.




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