Roll Bounce

Roll Bounce (2005)

In the late '70s, when roller skating was a way of life, X (Bow Wow) and his pals ruled supreme.

But when the doors of their local skating rink close, it marks the end of an era and the beginning of another that sees the boys venture into foreign territory -- uptown's 
Sweetwater Roller Rink, complete with its over-the-top skaters and beautiful girls. Through his preparation for the showdown of the season -- the Roller Jam skate off with the Sweetwater crew -- X manages to find himself and also help his dad (Chi McBride) get back on track 

(Also starring Meagan Good, Mike Epps, Charlie Murphy and Nick Cannon .)

This is basically "You Got Served" on roller skates but, surprisingly, "Served" was a pretty good movie so..DON'T HATE!





Roller Boogie (1979)

Terry Barkley (Linda Blair) is a teenage musical prodigy who plays the flute, but her mind is elsewhere - by the beach, and on rollerskates.

She picks up her best friend in her car and they head off to where all the rollerskaters hang out. Bobby James (Jim Bray) is an expert on the skates, and works renting the boots to the visitors for the beach, but as he is impressing the passersby with his fancy moves, he tries to pull Terry out of the crowd to join in and she refuses, passing him by.

However, she has caught his eye, and that night, at the local roller rink, they meet again, and romance blossoms between them.


This is the non-urban version and predecessor of "Roll Bounce". 

You DEFINITELY won't die if you DON'T see this film.




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