King Kong



King Kong (2005)


Set in the 1930s, this is the story of a group of explorers and documentary filmmakers who travel to the mysterious Skull Island (near Sumatra) to investigate legends of a giant gorilla named Kong.

Once there, Kong subdued by the attention of a beautiful human woman (Naomi Watts) enough that the explorers can ship him back to New York, where he becomes a freakshow to be put on display. Kong breaks free to find her and total chaos and destruction follows. Also starring Jack Black and Academy Award winner, Adrien Brody.



This film was directed by Peter Jackson of the "LORDS OF THE RINGS" film expect to be mesmerized and spellbound, as always.  


This is a movie event!





King Kong (1976) 


An expedition of the "Petrox" company, is exploring in search of petrol. A strange island where they arrive is the home of a giant ape, King Kong, that is captured by the expedition in order to make money exhibiting it to the world. When in the U.S. the huge gorilla becomes restless, trying to return home.

Starring, Jeff Bridges, Jessica Lange and Charles Grodin.



If you're a night-owl, you can catch this ol' skool version of "KING-2-DA-KONG" on the "late night TV tip".


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