Annapolis (2006)


Jake Huard (James Franco), a young boxer from the wrong side of the tracks accomplishes his dream of attending Annapolis Naval Academy but, challenges soon follow. Also starring, Tyrese Gibson, Jordanna Brewster and Chi McBride.


Annapolis is the type of film to go to on a first date. The ladies can swoon over Franco and Tyrese while the fellas, can watc them beat each other to a pulp.




Go check it out!







The Lords Of Discipline (1983)

Set in the Civil Rights Era of 1960's, Will (David Keith) arrives for his senior year at Military Academy, in the Deep South.

Pearce (Mark Breland), a black student has also been accepted "breaking the color line" for the first time.





Will is forced to be his protector and he must choose between his honor, or his friends that will do whatever they deem necessary to make Pearce quit.





"The Lords" is a film that no one could name off the top of their head but people do know the film. This is a very underated film...VERY UNDERATED.





Go rent this as fast as possible.








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