16 Blocks

16 Blocks (2006)



This movie takes place in New York city where Jack Wallace (Bruce Willis) is forced to transport a key witness, Eddie Bunker (Mos Def) to the court house to testify.

Unfortunately, the witness is scheduled to testify against a number of crooked cops and this starts a treacherous race against the clock to get 16 Blocks to the court house before the court is adjourned.

I have to say… this a top notch flick! 

Mos Def
 is steadily building his credibility as an actor and if it was ever in question 16 Blocks puts the seal of approval on his acting talent. Mos Def’s charisma commands the screen with non-stop rhetoric mixed with subtle one liners that pulls a chuckle from the audience when least suspected.

Dave Chappelle stated in his movie ‘Block Party’' that musicians want to be comedians and comedians want to be musicians. He goes onto say that Mos Def is a funny guy, this movie proves his theory. Mos Def definitely reveals a complex delivery of wit and humor amidst an intense game of cat and mouse, gun fights, and twisting corners in an attempt to escape the claws of New York’s finest.

If you are looking for a flick to check out over the weekend this is definitely worth it. Between paying full price, matinee, or video… you don’t want to sleep on this one until the video. I suggest you pay the $9.50 to get the full effect and give Mos Def his just due… Then buy the video!!! It’ll be worth it. 

Mos Def
 does Hip Hop proud.



Defiant Ones (1958)



Joker Jackson (Tony Curtis) and Noah Cullen (Sidney Poitier) are two theives who are "on  vacation."in other words..."Prison". Jackson hates blacks. Cullen hates whites. More importantly...they both HATE the fact that they are handcuffed together... so much so, they escape.




Now, "on the run" they are being pursued by the cops and rabid police dogs.



The two adversaries learn quickly to put their differences aside to attempt acheive their freedom.




This is an OLD movie..BLACK AND WHITE. But, it's a really good film..REALLY GOOD!






 Poitier is the first "Denzel" (Ask, Jamie Foxx) and Tony Curtis is one of the greatest actors in the history of cinema.




Don't hate, try something new..."Scarface" isn't going anywhere.


Go rent this!




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