World Trade Center


World Trade Center (2006)

This is the true story of John McLoughlin (Nicolas Cage) and William J. Jimeno, two of the last survivors extracted from Ground Zero and the rescuers who never gave up.

It's a story of the true heroes of that fateful time in the history of the United States when buildings would fall and heroes would rise, literally from the ashes to inspire the entire human race.

Also starring, Michael Peña, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Patti D'Arbanville and Stephen Dorff. Directed by Oliver Stone.

In the nearly 5 years after 9/11, America is finally ready to relive the harrowing experience on the big screen and who better to provide that realism than Oliver Stone (Platoon).

We all need to understand that this heinous and detestable crime against the freeworld can never, ever happen again.

Say "the Pledge of Alligence" and see this film.


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The Towering Inferno

The architect of the world's tallest skyscraper (Paul Newman) returns from a long vacation to find his work nearly completed. Unfortunately, he also discovers at the party celebrating its completion, the building's faulty wiring short circuits and a raging fire erupts leaving would be party goers trapped on the structure's top floor.

Fire Chief Michael O'Hallorhan's (Steve McQueen) dilemma to implement a daring rescue punctuates the terror of a flaming building, deemed too tall to successfully fight.

Also starring William Holden, Faye Dunaway, Fred Astaire, Richard Chamberlain, Robert Wagner, and O.J. Simpson....YES...O.J.!!!

Towering Inferno
  is a proverbial who's who of the greatest actors of all time, (both living or deceased) assembled on screen.'s ALL about...The Juice!!!

Remember at the time of this film, O.J. Simpson was the reigning MVP of the NFL with a league record of 2003 yards rushing in'73.

With that said...
O.J.'s scenes are hilarious!!!

Peep it out on a late Saturday afternoon.



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