Alex Cross

Alex Cross (2012) 


Tyler Perry takes the baton from Morgan Freeman in the James Patterson, Alex Cross crime thriller series in fine fashion. It has been said that Perry has some big shoes to fill following Morgan Freeman but with Perry's 6'5" frame and size 16 shoe, he does so in fine fashion.


Tyler Perry, plays a homicide detective, Alex Cross, who is pushed to the brink of his moral and physical limits as he tangles with a ferociously skilled serial killer who specializes in torture and pain.


Tyler plays his character convincingly too. Never once did you expect his Madea character to turn the corner although I could here a little bit of Madea in a few dialogues with his mother who is played by the esteemed Cicely Tyson.


The movie, directed by Rob Cohen of "XXX" and "Fast and Furious", starts off from the git in an action scene to get your adrenaline flowing before you even get a good couple handfuls of popcorn. But the action settles in just in time for you to get a glimpse of Alex Cross' family life. Perry is accompanied by seasoned actor Edward Burns of 'Man on a Ledge' who plays his life long friend and police partner. Perry's wife is played by the dime piece Carmen Ejogo who played "Sister" in the movie 'Sparkle'.


The villian, 'Picasso' is played by Matthew Fox, of 'Lost' who is hired by the master mind Leon Mercier played by Jean Reno of 'Couple's Retreat'. Matthew Fox gives a stellar performance filled with intense fight scenes, and sadistic schemes in his assassinations.


I took my girl to check out this flick and I can tell it was convincingly intense by the way she was squeezing my hand most of the way through the movie. There was even a moment that pulled a tear from her eye in a touching scene Perry's character experienced in a sensitive event in his character's life. 


You know TheFlowOnline never gives a bad rating. We only see them as one of three levels of movie entertainment.

Those are Pay Full Price, Catch the Matinee, or Wait for Video. We think Alex Cross is worthy of "PAYING FULL PRICE". 

So if you're looking for a movie that you can check out with your boys, make a cool date out with your girl or both at the same time, step out and check out Alex Cross.


Along Came A Spider (2001 DVD Release)


For those looking to stay at home with a a DVD thriller you can check out Morgan Freeman in his earlier role playing psychologist Dr. Alex Cross in this thriller based on the novel by James Patterson (whose work also formed the basis of the hit 'Kiss the Girls').


Gary Soneji (Michael Wincott) is a brilliant but remorseless psychopath who has landed a teaching position at an exclusive private school in Washington, D.C.


Using his extensive knowledge of kidnapping (he's taught a class on Charles Lindbergh), Soneji abducts one of his students - Megan (Mika Boorem), whose father Hank Rose (Michael Moriarty) is a United States senator. Ollie MacArthur (Dylan Baker), the detective investigating the case, has strong words for Jezzie Flannigan (Monica Potter), the Secret Service agent who mistakenly let Megan slip through her fingers. But when the kidnapper contacts Dr. Cross, the psychologist is brought in on the case, and Cross seeks out Flannigan, who he believes might have a valuable insight into the case.


Soon, Cross and Flannigan come to the terrible realization that this crime only represents the tip of the iceberg for the ruthless Soneji. Along Came a Spider also features Penelope Ann Miller, Jay O. Sanders, Kim HawthorneMark Deming and Vincenzo Rovi.


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