Flight (2012)

By Roger Hooks, Jr.

Flight is a masterful piece of cinema brilliantly orchestrated by Robert Zemeckis, the director you first came to know for his work in 'Back to the Future', 'Who framed Roger Rabbit' and 'Forest Gump' for which he won an Academy Award.


Flight should put him in the running for yet another winner and Denzel Washington certainly delivers a performance worthy of sealing that deal. 


Denzel Washington who can lay claim to being featured in over 40 Motion Pictures, 3 Producer Roles, and 2 Director Seats, can also lay claim to 2 Oscar Awards. No doubt, Denzel Washington is "No Joke" and his role as Whip Whitaker in Flight will stand as a testament to his outstanding career achievement. 


Now enough with the accolades let's jump into the film. Before I get started though, I have to warn you. This isn't a teeny-bopper movie or no gangsta flick like 'American Gangster' or 'Training Day'. You have to put  some thought,  intellelect, compassion and consideration into this film. If "Thug Life" is what you were looking for from Denzel this go around you will be sadly disappointed. But if you appreciate a deep tissue massage of inner demons and reconciliation then you landed on the right runway. I can say however, that Denzel's character loves to party and he does so by getting his swurve- on but as the movie shows, it's a bit too much.


The movie opens up with Denzel's character, Whip Whitaker, arguing on the phone with his ex-wife. But ,one thing is for sure... the fellas will surely appreciate the beginning of the film. I don't want to play spoiler but let's just say most of you won't remember what Denzel had to say on the phone with his ex as your eyes will surely be elsewhere thanks to the presence of Nadine Velazquez and her perfect hot body.


After the brief spat, and few more swigs of 'Gin and Juice', Denzel steps out of the room in slow motion "Denzel" fashion the Swag worthy of a Rick Ross Big Boss Banger. After exchanging some niceties with the crew Denzel pilots the take off but soon after gives a hint of his chemical dependency. 


There are tense movements during takeoff that gives you a different glimpse at Denzel's character and his keen ability as a pilot despite being a substance abuser. Catastrophe strikes however but Whip Whitaker (Denzel's) character manages to make it through with a God Blessed effort and minimal lives lost. Despite his heroic effort, however, the entire ordeal begins to unravel his deep dark secret as an alcoholic. Along the way he encounters a woman, Nicole, played by Kelly Rielly of 'Sherlock Holmes', that he tries to grab hold of to help him cope. 


Other noteworthy actors are Don Cheadle, known for his role in 'Iron Man', plays Denzels lawyer in the movie. Some of you may remember Don early in his career when he played Rocket in the movie 'Colors'. John Goodman plays a drug dealer and Denzel's personal "Mr. Feel Good", Harling Mays. One might also appreciate the role of Garcelle Beauvais who plays Denzel's ex-wife. 


All in All, 'Flight' is an "A" plus film that is surely to give Denzel's performance a nod at a nomination. If you appreciate a complex character film that is entertaining with a splash of suspense then 'Flight' soars. Without a shadow of the doubt we say "Pay Full Price". It's more than worth it.



The Pilot (1980)


If you are looking for a similar film to make a DVD night of it you may want to check out 'The Pilot'. It's and old- school flick so if you don't mind a throw back film you might dig this one.


Academy Award Winner, Cliff Robertson portrays Mike Hagan, a pilot in passenger service and a candidate for the honor of "Best Pilot of the Year". There's only one problem -- Mike is an alcoholic.



As the disease tightens its grip on the main character, he faces an increasingly tough battle to conceal his problem and maintain his personal and professional life. After an incident in which he jeopardizes the lives of his passengers and crew, Mike realizes he needs help to keep things from spinning out of control.



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